10. Something well deserved and way overdue

When I walked out of the hotel I was overwhelmed by men with cameras.
They bombarded me with questions: who are you?! Whats your connection with the band members of one direction?! Why aren't they with you?! Is it true you've been seeing Harry styles exclusively?!
I hurried down the sidewalk and onto the bus. I promised myself I wouldn't ever cry again, And especially not over my stupidity. Karma was a b**ch.
Harry's P.O.V
I woke up on the couch in the dark hotel room. I got up slowly not wanting to wake alisa if she was nearby. I looked around a bit before I concluded that she wasn't in the room. Suddenly I jus felt the overwhelming need to kiss her. She was so touts and tiny. And cheeky too. Harry loved it. He had never dated a girl like that before. Alisa, lovely love? I waited for an answer, a cheeky reply, an a prank ambush. But none came. I got up, I told myself not to panic bu I couldn't help the pounding of my heart. She wasn't here, anywhere. I'm walking out of mine and Louis's room when I step on my phone. There's a txt from Megan. Uh-oh. This is not good at all I said to myself. I run out of the room and when I get outside the hotel I'm ambushed by paparazzi.
Are you going after her?! What happened?! Did you break her heart?!
I skid to a stop, NO! NO I did NOT! Which way did she go?! Did u see where she's gone?!
Please this is important! I screamed at them. And that's how the rest of the guys found me. Completely and totally going insane.
When I got home my aunt was happy to see me. Telling me she hoped I had had fun and that she wasn't worried because she saw me on MTV with the band and knew I was fine. I went up to my room and shut the door. I stood in the middle of it for I dont know how long and just stared at my phone. Harry constantly trying to call me and all the voicemails I would never listen to. I shook my head and turned when I heard a knock. Brody came through the door. Hey he said. Hey yourself stranger.
He smiled and walked in shutting the door behind him. So it was really him.
Yup. I nodded. It didn't look up at him. I was too embarrassed to admit that I was played, me, the baddest player he's ever known.
So I take it he's gonna be heartbroken for his next interview then. He laughed. Poor guy, you show no mercy do you? He waited for a response that never came.
Wait did he- he never finished his sentence because his girlfriend Abby walked in. Omg! Girl! Why didn't you tell me about your bf Harry?!!!! Okay dish now!
I walked past both of them past my aunt in the hallway and back out the front door.
Harry: incoming call.
I answered: yes?
Him: thank goodness! Where are you? Are you okay? And it's not what you think it is with Megan let me explain please alisa?
Me: there's nothing to explain. You played the player. Congrats.
Him: oh c'mon that's not fair let me-
Me: not fair?!
Him: wait no that's not. This is all coming out wrong!
Me: what's wrong is this whole thing Harry! It was all a big mistake, let's just forget about it. Gbye.
Him: no babe wait! I don't want to forget though, i love you...
I hung up and threw my phone into the trash can. But there were still no tears.

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