8. Oops did I mention I'm British?

I woke up to Harry standing over me. I'm sorry he said did I wake you? Oh. I I said I jus don't sleep very late is all. He smiled and missed the top of my head. I noticed he did that often since there was a major height difference. He said he didn't mind it though, he even thought it was "fit". So what would you like for breakfast, love? He looked at where I was sitting on the counter and. And over to me. He put his hands on my knees and leaned in close situation our noses were touching. Anything's fine with me.
French toast it is, he said with a wicked smile.
Since I wasn't much of a cooker and Harry insisted that I not help, I went to shower. When I got out the boys were up and talking whilst eating. There was no table so we all gathered around the couch. Harry pulled me onto his lap.
Oh goodness said Louis, how rude of me to be walking around with. O trousers with a lady in our presence. All the boys looked down at themselves then rushed off to take showers and dress. Harry left me with a quick kiss on the cheek and an order to eat something. I laughed at how niall gaurded his plate whilst exiting the room.
Once they were all dressed me Harry and Louis went out to do some shopping. Grocery style. Louis went to go fetch some carrots and Harry and I went to get the fruit.
How do you like the guys? He asked me.
I don't I said.
He looked at me shocked.
Calm down I don't like them I love them! I giggled.
He smiled. You scared me.
I'm sorry I said giving him the puppy dog look.
He hugged me. Oh stop that.
I stood there just breathing in his scent.
Then randomly, Louis walks past talking to an employee saying
Did I mention I'm British?
Harry and I both laughed and went after him hand in hand.
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