7. Lovely morning isn't it?

All at once the four of them rushed towards me and Harry. I took a startled step back and Harry looked down curiously. Well hello their, Louis said suavely. I'm Louis, the most handsome as you can plainly see. He said with a joking side whisper. Harry punched him in the arm, and Louis laughed. Liam came up next. Liam, pleasure to meet the girl harry's been so hung up on this past night. Kept us all awake going on about you. He smiled brotherly at Harry. Harry gave me a bashful little smile that gave me butterflies. Niall pushed zayn and Liam aside. Scuse me scuse me. Snack time in a few seconds, can't be late. Hi, I'd be Niall. He shook my hand and then turned toward the kitchen. I stifled a laugh. Zayn came up last. Vas happenin'? I'm zayn. But instead of a handshake he picked me right up and twirled me around. I laughed as he put me down between all of them on the couch. Harry looked very pleased to see all of us there. He clapped his hands. Alright then, now that you all know each other, alisa, what are your plans? Everyone looked to me for an answer.
I'm not too sure exactly. I'll have to call my cousin.
Of course. Harry said. But you. An always stay here if you like. My couch is your couch after all.
Thanks. I said. That made me really happy.
Oh and we all know how much fun you two were having on this couch, Niall said through a mouthful of hamburger. The boys laughed, I even laughed. I went right over to Niall And took a big bite of his burger the. I hurried off to call Brody.
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