1. Are you there Kelly? It's me, Alisa.

Hey Kelly, I got ur # from Samantha. Hope u don't mind.
I pressed the send button on my new iPhone and looked down at its adorable little red case. Just another item my loaded parents gave me as an apology for dumping me at my aunt Kim's place for the entire year! It's not that I didn't want to be there, I did. I finally got to get away from my insanely overprotective parentals for my totally awesome "do whatever the hell you want" aunt. It was gonna be a freaking awesome summer! And to top it all of her son, my cousin Brody, is the same age as I am, and he's pretty popular, so that was definitely another plus.
I looked down at my phone to see if Kelley had answered. Nope, not yet. I heard a door slam downstairs. I hurried over to the balcony to see who was home. It was Brody and his really cute friend Matt. Yeah buddy, time to go say hello.
I'm about to head out the door when I hear my phone buzz. I hesitated for a minute debating whether or not to let Kelley wait but decided that I really needed to talk to her. I reluctantly closed my door and grabbed my phone from my bag. It was an incoming call from Kelley.
Hullo? I answered. Ya um hi, I thought I might tell you that this isn't Kelley's number. I'm terribly sorry. Said a deep, husky voice from the other side of the line. Oh...I'm sorry to bother you then. I said. No bother at all really. He said. Well I'll let you you go then. Thank you though, bye. I hung up the phone and tossed it back into my bag. Alright then, time to say hello to Matt. I said liking into the mirror as I put on a quick swipe of gloss.
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