My Hidden Heart

16-year-old Gianna, is in need of some help. She needs to escape. With an abusive father and step-mother, a sister that's near death, and a loving mother dying in the hospital, her life is falling apart. Until she meets Niall. He's different from other people, and madly in love with her. But he won't tell her who he is. He says it will change her life. But Gianna is in need of some change. How far will she go to find out the truth? my first fan fic/mystery story... I hope you like it! comment comment favorite favorite and like it up! :*


7. The Truth

After my dilemma, I feel quite embarassed. Although I am too weak to even open my eyes, I can think completely normally. Well as normally I used to before I was neglected. I feel a pang of complete worry. I hope the angel hasn't left. I hope Mara hasn't convinced anyone of anything false. I pray that my sister is alright. But of sheer terror, I open my eyes with a feeling Demon is reading my thoughts. I see absolutely nothing but darkness. But as I turn my head to the side, I see blurry lights. I'm guessing out of a window. I am still in a hospital bed thankfully. I am tired so I shut my eyes for proabably about 20 minutes until I hear a door open. "Ah Niall she's awake. I'll bring in the investigator when she's thinking clearly." I hear someone shift on the couch to my left. He clears his throat and speaks, "Okay Nurse Sami thank you a lot." He yawns then places his feet on the ground. I open my eyes and see Niall. He is the angel who saved me, the angel who has been here with me, the angel with the alluring accent, the stranger, the good samaritan. I see him start to stretch and I cant help but noticing his smile as he stares at me mischieviously. I crunch my eyebrows and move my mouth. Thinking of stretching, I reach my hands up and arch my back. It hurts but feels good at the same time. I push against the bed and sit up shakily. I see tubes attached to my arms and rubber bands wrapped around everything. Niall says, "Good morning sleepy." I bend my knees and give a confused look. "I'm Niall, even though I'm pretty much a stranger to..." and he's cut off by the nurse 'Sami' "I got the invesitagtor. She may be disoreinted but we need an interview before she can think straight and after she can think straight to make sure her story is the same either way. If you're really confused Niall, just come to me or call extension 356." He nods quickly then goes to the hospital door to meet a tall man in a suit. The tall man says, "Hello my name is Rick and I need to notify you that the whole stay here has been recorded for safety purposes, and evidence to use against her step mother in the trial depending on evidence given by Gianna today." He nods and introduces himself, "I'm Niall and I am the one..." He gets cut off when Rick steps through the door frame into my tiny yet cozy room. He takes a giant step towards me and grasps his clip board tightly in his massive hand. I lean back onto my hands casually. I'm not in pain anymore as I was when I freaked out earlier. "Hello Gianna, it's nice to meet you." He offers his long-fingered hand. I lift up my little arm and wrist and feel so vulnerable and weak compared to this musclar guy named Rick. "Yeah you too." I sheepishly reply. "I need to ask you a few questions about your life okay?" He asks in a kind voice. Then, Niall shuffles over to the couch where he must have slept over night, judging by the messy blankets and pillows. I grin because he's so ordinary compared to the way I saw him as my savior previously. He plops down and cracks his knuckles. He seems sleepy so I turn my attention to Rick who is waiting for an answer. So I respond, "Yes okay." He interrogates, "How old are you?" For the rest of the interview, he asks ordinary questions until we reach the subject of "Home Life and Family" on his clipboard. "How is your father?" I feel his intense emerald eyes burning into the depths of me searching for an honest answer. No matter how paranoid I am about Mara coming after me with an ice pick after I tell what really happened, I know I have to have justice for Mara and my father. Especially my sister. Then, as if a sudden alarm went off in my head, I worry about Sasha. I haven't heard anything about her, but were in a hospital so I'm sure she's okay. I turn my attention back to Rick who is catching up on my hesitated answers. "Do you want me to come back another time?" He quizzes me. "Niall I should leave if she starts getting nervous. You know more about her thna I do. You've been with her for the past three days." I immeditely look up to Niall who's sitting on the couch looking inquiztively at me. We catch eyes and I look away but can't help but smiling. He's so friendly even though I never knew him. But there is something about the way he moves and introduces himself to people. He never says his last name, he always introduces himself by looking straight into someone's eye and giving them a shut-up-dont-spill-the-secret look. But he's just so lovable. I then disagree with Rick, "I can answer the questons now." He nods and glances at the clipboard in front of him. He repeats, "Your father?" I make sure not to make the same mistake as before to make him doubt my story. I dig my mind for something to say. "Well he hurts me" Rick asks, "Does he beat you with any tool?" I answer slowly and 100% truthful. "Always" I see Niall in the corner of my eye lean towards me as to try to hear again and believe what I just said. I nod for more emphasation. Rick licks his lips and starts to ask the next question. I straighten my posture to seem more confident with my story. "Your step-mother Mara, how often did she feed you?" I look at my legs dangling from the high bed. Then I feel Niall's ocean blue eyes hunting for a response. So I look up and give an answer, "About once a week." Niall and Rick's eyes widen with fear. It was the usual for me, so what do you expect? Rick calms down and rountitely asks another question. "Did you have a room?" I squeeze my fists shut then reply. "Well yes but no. I was locked in a closet all day, in a room if you want to count that as a room. My feet and hands were binded most of the days and plus if they weren't I really wouldn't have room to stretch because the closet was filled with junk." Rick is surprsied, "Quite a vocabulary for an abused and neglected child. When did the abuse and neglect start?" I reply, "About a year and a half ago. That's also when I stopped going to school." "We never investigated the house because Mara told the investigators you had moved to Montana." Rick declares. I look down and show my troubled past. Niall stands up and walks over to me. He sits close next to me and puts his arm around my shoulder. I just look up at him because he is so comforting although I don't know him. I take a deep breath and wait for the next question. Rick claps and stands straight up into his 6' 6" frame. "Well I have a lot of inforamtion based on what you and your sister said, and what evidence we have gathered from the house. It all adds up and I will be back to meet again if any more information is needed for Mara and your father's trial. He extends his hand and I reach up  and grab it. I shake then smile. Then I realize Niall still has his hand around me. But maybe that's a good thing, maybe Niall is all I need when my whole other world is falling apart.

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