My Hidden Heart

16-year-old Gianna, is in need of some help. She needs to escape. With an abusive father and step-mother, a sister that's near death, and a loving mother dying in the hospital, her life is falling apart. Until she meets Niall. He's different from other people, and madly in love with her. But he won't tell her who he is. He says it will change her life. But Gianna is in need of some change. How far will she go to find out the truth? my first fan fic/mystery story... I hope you like it! comment comment favorite favorite and like it up! :*


16. The Meaning of Relaxation

That empty pit in my stomach vanishes as Niall opens the white door, revealing a dimly-lit bathroom, that smells like sweet roses. My insides tangle in panic, Niall better not be in there while I am. He smiles mischieviously, while I am stuck, trying to figure out where to run next. My entire life is full of running from the things I am afraid of, but now, I should just stand my ground.

"Niall, I'm sixteen."

His ocean blue eyes widen, and he presses his tired eyelids with his palms.

"Gianna, it's for you alone, I'm not like that."

I gasp in relief, and step towards the darkened room. Rose petals gather in a pile in the bathtub, and scatter around the floor. The whole tiled room is now comforting and welcoming, unlike the cold white hospital it was before. A silk robe is hanging by the mirror, with something embriodered on the front. I reach up to it and feel the silky material between my fingers.

Cough. Cough. "Mommy are you okay?" asks little Sasha, worried. I stare down at her, breathing heavily and holding her head. My mother is so sick, yet my father is away on a business trip. I dare not let my feelings show, because I know Sasha imitates everything I do. I stay stong and take my sister's hand. I lead her to the door when my mother moans in pain.

For the past few days, she has been going through a massive headache, leaving her bed-ridden all day every day. I have to cook, clean, and get a ride to school every day. I think today is the day that I should call 911, because her moans and screams keep getting louder, and she doesn't look any better what-so-ever.

Sasha skips happily over to our granite cooking island, totally oblivious to the situation. Descending the staircase, I pick up the phone laying on the little table near the bottom. Our house phone is always there, it's so convienient. I dial 9-1-1 with my thumb and lift the phone to my ear to hear,

"911 what is your emergency?"

I start to hyperventilate,

"My uh- mother is um sick and she needs an ambulance now!"

The calm woman on the other side of the call says,

"Calm down ma'am, she may be just sick sweety, goodbye."

I scream,


My plea is followed by a quick click. She hung up! I slap my thigh and dial my best friend's number, Hannah. Lightning fast, I dial the number.


Hannah says on the other end.

"Hannah! You know how I said my mom was sick?" She agrees. "Well I called 911 and they hung up on me! Can you driv-"

She cuts my frantic voice off and replies,


In the background, I hear her throwing stuff around and shuffling the phone around, ear to ear. Her mom's muffled voice speaks in panic. My mother and Hannah's have been friends since they were my age.

"Its a given Gi."
Hannah presses. I smile thankfully and wait for her to say something.

"I am leaving now, I'll see you when when I get to your house and we can go to the emergency room from there."

I manage a quiet whisper of thanks. Click. She hangs up. I let my hair hang and fall down my back, nearly reaching my bottom.

I flash back to reality and realize Niall is standing right behind me waiting for me to react. I turn around to face the mirror, which is lined with roses. On the granite countertop, an envelope reads, "Gianna" I hesitate to open the beautiful stationery note, Niall sighs and turns on his heel back to my room. He quietly shuts the door behind him. I look at my reflection in the mirror. Battered and bruised. Thankfully, the dark light prevented NIall from seeing me like this. I turn away and look into the crystal clear bath water.

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