My Hidden Heart

16-year-old Gianna, is in need of some help. She needs to escape. With an abusive father and step-mother, a sister that's near death, and a loving mother dying in the hospital, her life is falling apart. Until she meets Niall. He's different from other people, and madly in love with her. But he won't tell her who he is. He says it will change her life. But Gianna is in need of some change. How far will she go to find out the truth? my first fan fic/mystery story... I hope you like it! comment comment favorite favorite and like it up! :*


13. Sadness Traps

I step into the dimly lit room. I see machines surrounding a body. I take small, quiet steps towards the sickly woman lying motionless on the white hospital bed. I sneak over and her eyes flutter open. Once I see her emerald green eyes sparkle, it confirms my mother is alive. She opens her mouth and I feel my chin start to quiver. A single tear flows down my cheek and I just shut my eyes. I am so lucky to have found her alive after nearly two years of not knowing anything about her. I see a slight smile on her face when I open my eyes. She tries to reach up towards me but her shaking hand just falls back down. She opens her weak mouth. "Gi" My chest starts to heave as I fear of losing her, again. I take her cold hand and hold her steady. She smiles and stares off past me into the ditsance. Her sparkling green eyes seem blank, yet I feel motherly warmth. Across the room, I see a chair. I carefully let go of her hand and place it on her chest. I jog over to the chair and wheel it over to my mother's bedside. I sit down and take my mother's hand again. She smiles sweetly but I can see that I am losing her presence. I speak, "Mom I love y-you" I cry. She makes a squacking sound that I can tell came from her throat. Then, she shuts her eyes and tries again, determined to talk to her daughter. "Sweet heart, what happened, you look so sick" I frown and tears stream down my face. "My baby don't cry" I shudder with every tear that flows from my glossy eyes. She looks up at me with worry. "Gianna what's wrong?" She persistantly asks. I answer while bawling, "I am going to miss you." She gives me a concerned look and her voice cracks. "I will be here Gi always. Baby now what happened?" She asks weakly. She lifts her hand up to my low-lying head. She strokes my hair. I don't want to worry her with my horrible situation. I decide to tell her the truth, since she reads me like a book anyway. I can't lie to her. "It's such a long story mother, I don't want to burden you with my story." I realize she doesn't have much time left so I just want her to know that I love her completely. "You wouldn't burdren me at all, your my child, I want to know what has happened." I cry again, this is an emotional moment for me. My mother is dying, Sasha is somewhere other than here, and Niall is nowhere to be found. I am completely alone now, and I feel suffocated. I lay on my mother's chest and just cry. She strokes my head with her weak hand, just as she used to, except now, her hand barely feels comforting because it is so shaky. Her presence just makes me cry harder, yet somehow makes me feel like she will never go away. Then, after a while, I feel myself drifting off into a peaceful sleep, without nightmares for the first time, knowing my mother is in my arms. I see a kaleidescope of colors spinning around in my head. My world is going completely dark and I feel myself slipping away from reality.  Then I awake to see the sight of my mother clutching me in her shaky arms.  I lift myself up out of her grasp and see that she doesn't flinch.  I stare down at her, so helpless and near death. I place my hands on her shoulders and shake her repeatidly.  Her eyes appear blank and her expression is faded.  I shake her again until she rolls onto her back. The machine beside her reads blankly, a completely straight line. I scream as tears roll down my cheeks and cascade onto my bloody shirt. How? I peer down at what I am wearing and see a blood soaked tank-top. What? I hyperventilate and try to reason with my mind. Where is the blood coming from?! The stain grows bigger and I lift up the bottom of my shirt, revealing a sharp blade. Everytime I breath blood gushes out. The blade's handle is stuck straight into my abdomen. I start to cough and I feel a thick salty goo come up into my mouth. It drips from my quivering lip and falls to the bloody wet floor. Blood oozes from my wrists and I shake them, hoping for them to somehow magically heal. My eyes start to get blurry. My fingers gently touch the thick liquid. I pull it down and finally realize its blood. I try to reach to my mother's dead body but I fall to the tiled ground. Now, red blood is pouring out of every inch of my body. I give in to my blood caked body. What a horrible price to pay for escaping from Mara. I reach out in front of me and stare at my red-coated wrists. Then I feel a burning sensation spreading from my arms into my mind. I look into the distance but then something bright catches my eye. Fire. It spreads to my face, then........... darkness. I open my puffy eyes, to see my mother gazing up at me with worried eyes. Her emerald irises twinkle with concern, as I peer at the familiar machine beside the bed. This time, it reads differently, lines steadily elevating and dropping with every heart beat. Then I see my mother's worried eyes nearly pop out of her head. I breath heavily as I feel afraid of what she might be seeing. I quickly turn and search for something unusual. I gasp when I spot the door open slowly. Behind it reveals a blond head of hair and twinkling blue eyes. Before I can even process who the stranger is, I instinctively jump up and embrace him in a heart-felt hug. I cry onto his shoulder as my chest heaves up and down. "Where were you?" He asks. I can't bring myself to reply, so I answer with another question. "Where were you?" He peers down at me with concern. His vivid blue eyes are now gray and I can see he is struggling with an excuse. My eyes search his for an answer but I get nothing. I give up and cover his mouth with my hands, silently signaling him that it's okay. He gently pulls my wrist as he leans in for a kiss. I get up onto my tippy toes and wrap my arms around his neck. He came back! I thought he would leave me like my father did, but he came back and actaully found me. He grabs my waist and pulls me closer. I nearly die in his arms because with him, I feel so safe, like nothing can ever happ- I am interrupted by a loud beeping sound. It sounds exactly like the one in my dream......... NO! I push Niall away and race to my mother who is motionless in the bed. If my dream comes true, I will go crazy. Niall runs toward me and picks me up bridal-style. I scream and kick but he is too strong. What is happening?! He comes out to the lady at the desk I saw before. She hears my screams and is already standing up with a worried look on her face. I continue to scream, oblivious to all the people staring. "Gianna?" She asks. Niall nods but quickly yells, "There is a woman down the hall who needs immediate attention!" The woman in red speedily whips out the phone and dials a number. She nods and hangs up. Niall strokes my hair as I scream a blood curdling screech. He calms me but I still wont stop protesting. At the other side of the hallway, doctors rush into her room and I hear machines beeping. They rush her out on a gurney as I free myself from Niall. I dash to the crowd of doctors. Niall races after me and wraps his arms firmly around my chest. He yanks me backward and picks me up again. I fight for about 10 minutes until he tightens his grip. I give up and shut my eyes. I hear him open a door and immdietely after, lay me down onto a bed. I drift off again in hope that a better vision will fill my tormented dreams.

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