My Hidden Heart

16-year-old Gianna, is in need of some help. She needs to escape. With an abusive father and step-mother, a sister that's near death, and a loving mother dying in the hospital, her life is falling apart. Until she meets Niall. He's different from other people, and madly in love with her. But he won't tell her who he is. He says it will change her life. But Gianna is in need of some change. How far will she go to find out the truth? my first fan fic/mystery story... I hope you like it! comment comment favorite favorite and like it up! :*


14. Questions Through Love

Buh-dump. Buh-dump. I feel my steady heart beat. I feel the bed cave in to my right as my arms sinks into the sag of the mattress. I lightly roll over, but instead of caving in, I run into a body. The body makes noises, like its eating. I slowly open my eyes to reveal him. My unknown hero Niall, is eating Chicken or the Egg. He stares up at the television while taking giant amounts of mashed potatos. I pinch his arm and he winces and turns to me. "Well look whos finally decided to wake up!" I giggle and try to sit up onto my elbows. He nods to the tray of food awaiting me at the end of the table. I completely forgot that I havent eaten all day! I jump up at the sight of food! My stomach hungrily growls. Niall scoops the biggest spoonful of potatos. "Potatoes!" he excitedly yells. I laugh while opening my mouth for a huge serving of his favorite. He feeds me our delicious dinner. He smiles then continues to look at the TV. I lean forward and pull the tray off the stool. A big green bowl of mashed potatos, some crunchy barbeque chicken, and an enormous bowl of salad await my hungry stomach. I look up to Niall who is emerged in the fantasy world that is TV. I plunge my sliver spoon into the bowl of potatos. A small vibration breaks my thoughts. It is followed by a thumping noise. I peer out the window about a yard away and spot a black dot coming closer. I stare in curioisty as it approaches. In a matter of a few minutes, the object becomes a recognizable helicopter. It hovers seemingly right above my window until disappearing over us. The noise grows and vibrations vilently shake our room. I catch a glimpse of Niall who is looking around the room, confused because he didn't see the helicopter before ti flew over us. My drink shakes and before I can grab it, the glass tips over, spilling my beverage. It knocks the salt shaker over and shatters on the cold tile floor. I feel a huge bump nearly caving the ceiling in. I move next to Niall as he puts a reassuring arm around my shaky shoulders. I rest my head on his chest and calm myself down. Obviously the helicopter wouldn't come through the roof, because it would have already. I hear his welcoming heart beat and clutch his blue hoodie. Now that I think of it, we dont talk much, we communicate usually through our unspoken language. He and I always seem to know what the other is thinking. When I'm in the mood for a converstaion, he can tell, so he starts it off. The vibration dies down and the room grows quieter and quieter, just to hear the sound of Family Guy in the background. All motions cease as I feel Niall pull me closer. He puts his finger on my nose and I cross my eyes to view it. He laughs as I pout at the embarassment. I let my fingers free of my tightly-held fist and tap the tip of his nose. Unlike me, he doesn't follow my finger. He stares straight at my face, "You're so beautiful" I blush when he says that, because honestly, I've never heard anyone tell me that before. The only things I have ever heard were from my mother or Sasha. His kindness and love make me want to know who he is even better than I know him now. A million questions arouse in my head as to who he is and where he came from. "What's wrong love?" I guess I was deep into thought and obviously it was written across my face like a page in a book. I try to reply, but there is no answer to his question. If I was ever to respond to him, it would just create more questions. "I never want you to leave, but where do I go from here? I don't even know anything about you, Niall." A pained exression comes to his face as I await an almost immpossible response. He moves in closer to me, so that my body is completely next to his. He looks down to me with a troubled emotion. "I can't tell you. If I do, it would completely change everything that happened. You could never forgive me for keeping such a big secret. Its better for you not to know for now." I sigh and lower my head in defeat. I need change, what does he not understand? I was abused for almost two straight years, it had to change! He is the one who chnaged my life, qnd now he can't even tell me who he is? I love him but I need the secrets revealed. "But-" I cut myself off, fully aware that I have nothing to protest with. "Gianna, you don't understand how much it could ruin your life, and mine. We need to be secret for now, and when your mind is completely ready, I can tell you about my entire life." I dont look up from my solemn postion. His body gets hotter, because I know it's hard for him to keep his life's secret. I take a deep breath and try to prove him wrong, "Well I need change, can't you see it? Where am I supposed to go after this without a little change? I have no life outside of Mara and my father, but now that they aren't here, where do I go?" I rest my head again on his chest as my eyes fill with tears. My vision gets blurry and clears again for me to see his sweat-shirt being soaked with my painful tears. He places his head on mine and searches for something to say to me, but I can tell, his mind is blank. There is no reason for my life not to change. I give up my hope of him answering me- until, "Just wait a little while, and even if we grow apart, you'll find out who I am..." His voice trails off as if he has something to add, but nothing comes out of his mouth. I lift my head from his lap and get up. "I-I need some time alone" I mutter. He nods because I know he understands. I walk into the bathroom and sob quietly. When I hear someone's voice pick up, I realize Niall is talking to someone. I pad over to where I shut the door behind me. As I pass the mirror, I get a glance of myself, my eyes puffy, my nose red from rubbing it, and cheeks flushed. My ear presses against the white door to hear Niall's conversation. "No! I am taking a break, cancel all plans now." He says forcefully. Who? What plans? As the person on the other end talks, I challenge all my knowledge of who Niall is. Maybe his name isn't even Niall. Maybe he is a criminal on the run. But then another side of me trusts Niall, and doesn't question his identity. He could never be a criminal, he wouldn't lie about his name, or would he? "NO! I am not going to tell you where I am because you know that someone will try to find me. I am not risking that. I am with someone really close to me and I wont leave her for-" He gets cut off, and I hear a muffled voice coming from the phone, "HER?" He sighs and agrees, "Yes, her. I wont leave her for anything until she knows who I am, I need a break PAUL!" I back away from the door, in a daze from Niall 's converstaion with Paul. Who is Paul? To wake myself up, I reach into the bleach-smelling shower. I twist the handle and cold water blasts out, slapping me in the face. It wakes me up a little, just enough to think clearly. If Niall won't tell me who he is, then I'll find out.

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