My Hidden Heart

16-year-old Gianna, is in need of some help. She needs to escape. With an abusive father and step-mother, a sister that's near death, and a loving mother dying in the hospital, her life is falling apart. Until she meets Niall. He's different from other people, and madly in love with her. But he won't tell her who he is. He says it will change her life. But Gianna is in need of some change. How far will she go to find out the truth? my first fan fic/mystery story... I hope you like it! comment comment favorite favorite and like it up! :*


15. Late Night Snack

After the awakening in the bathroom, I decide to head out and go to the cafe for a smoothie. I pull the door open and see Niall laying on the couch with his head in his hands. I go to him with worry, wondering what's gotten him all worked up. "Too many potatoes?" I ask trying to cheer him up. He ignores me so I come closer. I place my hand carefully on his back and this time, he looks up at me through his fingers, like a child. He buries his face back into his hands. I sit down on the edge of the couch-converted-bed and make room for myself. He doesn't move so I whisper, "I'm going down to the cafe for a smoothie, want anything?" He shakes his head so I just get up and walk to the door. What's wrong with Niall? All I want to do is run back in there and beg for the secret to be revealed. I hold my eagerness in and grab the envelope containing some cash for me to use. Assuming Niall wants to sleep, I flip the light switch beside the doorway, turning the lights off. Surely three singles would be all I need for a small smoothie. I leave the room, and shut the door quietly behind me. I look around the hallway and see a few tired nurses sitting at their desks. Immdietely it makes me think of the nice woman in red that helped me find my mother. My mother. All I can think about is the sight of her being wheeled away from me as Niall takes me away. I still wonder why he did that, but then remember that he doesn't give me any reason to anything. I leisurely travel down the hall, peeking through open doors to see patients lying in bed in pain. I wince at the thought of pain. These poor people are going through probably the same as I went through for two years. I let my mind guide me to the ramp leading to the gift shop and giant cafe. As I round the corner, a familiar face confronts me. The coco eyes, shiny blond hair, yet worried expression give me hints. Its' the girl from the elevator who bravely tried to pry the doors open. It's a coincidence I would see her in the same day. She scurries past me as I mutter quick words, "Hello" She turns around and smiles. "Hey! Are you the girl from the elevator?" She walks back to me. I nod and give a welcoming grin. "That was really nice of you to help get the elevator doors open." She scrunches her light colored eyebrows, "Well you helped didn't you?" I smile again and feel my throat burn, realizing I'm very thristy. "Do you want to get a smoothie with me?" I offer. She gathers her hair and drapes it down her back while nodding her head in agreement. My heart nearly skips a beat. A change! I finally get to meet someone new! She happily skips over to the doors of the 24-hour cafe. We see orange and yellow table shaped like oranges and lemons. The tiles on the floor are patterned green and yellow. The walls are a bright orange color with huge paintings of citrus fruit giving off a friendly vibe. I turn my head around to see the girl, who's smile fades. She turns to me furrowing her light brows. "I can't, I just realized I dont have any money." I stamp my foot realizing that I only brought enough money for me. I squint at The Squeeze's menu a top of the juice bar. My blurry night vision doesn't allow me to see the prices, but before I can walk closer, the girl declares, "1.50 each. Maybe I can find some change on the ground, 6 quarters maybe!" I giggle, but then look at the three singles in my hand. I confidently march up to the counter and look at the girl. I am quite tired of not knowing her name, so I ask, "I never caught your name, I'm Gianna." I lean against the counter, with my elbow nearly poking the register. "I'm Natasha." She has a wide smile that seems to radiate happiness which doesn't match the rest  of her face. She always is in a rush. "Pretty name, what flavor?" I gesture towards the brightly colored menu before us. She cocks her head to the side in confusion. "I didn't think you would actaully pay for me, you barely know me." I raise my eyebrow and snap my finger. "I insist, what flavor?" She scratches the back of her head and glances at the menu. She cackles, "As always, cherry!" I smile happily, appreciating her enthusiasm. "Hi, welcome to The Squeeze, our special of the day-er night is lemon-lime swirl smoothie." the guy on the other side of the counter says. "Uhhh, I'll have the special of the day, and she'll have a cherry smoothie." He nods and turns away from us, pulling out two plastic cups at lightning speed. Like he's been doing this for all his life, he presses the cups against the machine's lever and out comes fresh cherry and swirl smoothie. When the cups are full, he hops over to the other side and grabs two tops, and two straws. With one hand, he swifly glides the tops onto the cup. He pushes the plastic bendy straws into the cold beverage. He slams them onto the orange and yellow speckled counter. Finishing his entertaining performance, he raises his hands into the hair and shakes, jazz-style. We both giggle at his humor this late at night. We take the cold beverages in our hands as he punches numbers into the register. "3.07" I slap the singles onto the counter while taking a sip of my swirl smoothie. He frowns and looks at me. "I'll let you skip with this one." He speaks with a wink. I smile back, thankful for his kindness. I slowly sip the smoothie. Natasha smiles with the straw still in her mouth. Then, her sweet and finally relaxed face knits into fear. Her breathing is shallow and she anxiously looks around the bright colored cafe. "What's wrong?" I ask. "Someone's watching me, I have to go." She tries to scurry away, but I grab her by her thin wrist. Swinging her head towards me, she yanks harder. "But wait-" I say. but she cuts me off. "Thanks for the smoothie, bye." She pulls away from me and rushes through the double doors of The Squeeze, taking her red smoothie with her. Once again, I'm abandoned, all alone in an unknown and dangerous place. I stare down at my chilled snack, feeling empty, something that food can't fill. Shifting my weight to my front foot, I head out the door, ignoring my growing empitness. "YOU!" I hear a voice direct toward me. I slowly look up to find a fist in my face, followed by my feet slipping out from under me. My head slams to the green tiles below, as I see a straggled face. He scowls at me as I try to squirm away. His boot comes in contact with my ribs, and I just can't move. Repeatedly kicking me, he kneels down. "Where's Natasha?" He sternly states. "Sh-sh-sh-e-she..." I stammer. When his elbow comes down on my stomach, I feel something pop inside, and I'm worried about internal injuries. My vision fades and comes back. Using all the power I can muster, I get onto my knees, and dash to the elevator, which is only a few feet away. I feel a pounding headache shoot from my brain into my skull. I hobble to the corner of the elevator and slam on the button with my floor number. The man races after me, but not fast ennough. The doors slowly shut, and the last thing I see is his angered and troubled face crumble in defeat. My lungs nearly pop as I try to catch my breath in between whimpers of pain. The next thing I know, the metal blockades open. I limp out and down the hall. I pass pictures, finger-painted by toddlers with cancer. A bulletin board hangs across from my door. I turn into the room, twisting the door knob quickly, eager to get in the safety of my room. It's dark, and I don't even see Niall laying anywhere. A wave of panic nearly topples me over, but before I do, a light shines in my eyes, giving off a silohette of Niall. He doesn't open the door wide enough to let me see inside, it looks suspicious. Slamming my body into his, I pull in for a well-needed hug. I can't cry anymore. I have nothing to say or do. I'm completely empty.

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