My Hidden Heart

16-year-old Gianna, is in need of some help. She needs to escape. With an abusive father and step-mother, a sister that's near death, and a loving mother dying in the hospital, her life is falling apart. Until she meets Niall. He's different from other people, and madly in love with her. But he won't tell her who he is. He says it will change her life. But Gianna is in need of some change. How far will she go to find out the truth? my first fan fic/mystery story... I hope you like it! comment comment favorite favorite and like it up! :*


3. Escape

I glance at my binded feet. Before making my plan of escape, I studied the ties on my feet. I figured out how Mara, my step-demon mother unties them so easily. It's a complicated knot, but easy to pull apart. I pinch one piece of string and pulled hard. It comes loose and frees my legs. My legs havent been freed in about two weeks. It hurts to extend them but I need to because without stretching them, I'll never be able to escape. As far as I know, my sister is pretty healthy. But I havent seen her in like two months. She could be in the same horrid situation as me but in the early stages. For me, I'm hopeless. I wiggle my toes as a sure-fire sign that my legs still work. I tug on the door handle and pull myself up to a standing position. My legs wobble a little, but then I get the hang of it and start figuring out a way to push the chair away from the closet door. Then, I get an idea, but it may cause some noise. The two closet doors are on a track, and are pretty old, and loose. So I push the doors up so that the chair is not attached to the door holding me in. It falls to the floor with a bang and I freeze in place and hold my breath. Will Mara come? Did she hear me? I hear the bed in her room squeak as she gets up. Then, I get a burning sensation in my chest. I am so nervous that I forgot to breathe. I remind myself to take a breath. My chest loosens but my head feels tighter. I don't hear anymore noise so I proceed with my escape, asuming it's a false alarm. I look for an old shoe horn in the back of the tiny closet. I used to imagine beating Mara and finally being free but gave up on that when my father started beating me. I had no strength, and plus, if I beat my demon mother, he would come after me with intense power. I kneel down and place my hands on the floor searching for a long wooden item. I feel shoes, some rusty nails, and even a rolled up rug, but no luck with the new weapon. Surely it was here, I last saw it about a week ago. Then, I feel a smooth polished surface and immeditely know that it was the escape instsrument. I curl my fingers around it and bring myself up to my previous position. I peer through the narrow shades on my prison door and see a rope tangled and tied onto the two door knobs. I bring the shoe horn up to one of the openings on the door and poke it through. It stops when it reaches the rope. It is the same knot that my feet were tied in before. So all I have to do is find the one string and yank on it somehow. If only there was more light in here. I keep looking but my eyes just see a big blur of a knot. Then, I get an idea. I pull the shoe horn towards me so that the edge of it is still hanging in the narrow opening. I pull my end down towards my weak ankles and the other side barely bends the wood on the door. I keep pulling with all my might and it finally gives way, and snaps the door's antique shade. I reach my hand through the new hole and see a lot better. More light from outside the closed curtain and window comes seeping through to let my eyes carefully scan the knot. I see where it goes because I imagine the two door knobs being my feet. I wrap my fist around the thick piece of rope and pull hard and fast. The rope drops to the floor and I know I have done my job. I push the door open to see the same room I always saw when Mara brought my meal, except this time, I'm free. This used to be my room when my mom lived here and my father was sane, but not anymore. It is so bland and colorless. Dull curtains drape the window. The sheets on the bed are beige. The walls are white. Well my walls were always white, except that my rug and everything else was colored. Now it reminds me of the absence of happiness. I feel nothing anymore except to escape this hell house. I let my memories take me over too quick. I need to get back into the game. So I take a quiet step towards the door leading to the hallway. When I reach the door, I hesitate. I have to admit that I am very nervous. But I am not supposed to care. I yank the door open and a rush comes to my head down to my toes. I am overwhelmed by happiness and hope. I lift my leg up and take my first step out of this room for about a year and a half. I take another, and another, and another, until I get to the long awaited bathroom! I had to use a bucket when Mara allowed me too. She used it as a point that I was an animal and deserved to be treated like one. I tip-toe in and feel ecstatic with this milestone. I hear a foot step onto the hardwood floor and notice that its heavier than my demon-mother's. It's father. I look around the huge bathroom and try to find something to use to hide or escape. I see a window. No. I can't get out fast enough. The enormous bathroom seems to swallow me and my spinning head. I instinctively run to the far-off shower. Surely my father wouldn't be taking a shower at this time at night. I open the door as quietly as I can and hop in. The floor is sticky and makes my insides shiver. I curl up into a ball in the farthest corner from the shower door. I hear the bathroom door swing open and my father yawn. Around the wall in the shower I see my father stare into the toilet. Then he screams, "MARA! you forgot to flsuh the toilet! You are a filthy pig!" I turn my head around and squeeze my eyes shut. Please don't find me. Please don't find me, I chant in my head. I couldn't flush. I notice that he turns the light on because the insides of my eye-lids get red. I crane my neck toward where he's standing and I see that he is washing his face. He sings, "Goooiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg on a daaaatttteeeee" I gasp. A date?!!?!?!?!?!? He is with that demon, is he cheating? But I don't care. She deserves to be cheated on, even if it is my crazy lunatic father. Then, he flips the light switch and hops out of the room. I climb out of my hiding place and open the shower door as slowly as I had opened it. I take small steps towards the bathroom door when I hear Mara and father's bedroom door shut. I leap out of the room and into the hallway closet. If I am going to escape, I need to go slow and steady. I don't want to be out in the open while my father leaves the house for his "date". I slide my back down the back wall and wait. The sweet feeling of freedom is now gone. I think about how much I've done in the last hour. I have escaped the initial trap. All I need to do is wait for my father to leave, and I get out of here. Then, his door opens slowly, I hear. He steps out and I hold my breath. I haven't been this close to him in almost 2 years. Well he beat me, but I haven't been so close when he's calm and happy. He is wearing dark jeans and a brown leather jacket. He is soon to be gone. He quickly but steadily rushes down the stairs to my right. I let the air in my lungs puff out. I hear the front door open and close and I know that it's time to get out. I get up into a standing position and open the door slowly. I come out into the open and realize that there is a breeze. The window down by the Demon's room is open. I place my hand onto the railing and smoothly cascade down the stairs. I imagine myself coming down to a proud mother and father on Prom night. I can feel the excitement in the air as they take shots of  me in my fire-red dress with ruffles on the bottom and rousching on the top. I feel earrings dangling from my ears and sparkling with every step. The sunlight is in my eyes, but I keep them open and keep smiling because I have to look good in these pictures. Memories last a life-time. But this isn't a memory, its imagination. It was never a reality since I don't even go to school anymore. But then, I snap to reality. I hop down the stairs fast. On the last step, I come across a lonesome shoe. I trip and almost fall down creating noise. but I don't , I reach up with my other hand and hold onto the raling to the right. My toe throbs but I ignore the pain. I take the last step and look around. The house is so much more different. The walls are dull and boring. The couch isnt a vibrant red, it's a gray tone that begs not to be looked at. It looks like a distant house, not a home. When my mother lived here, we kept it looking like an Ikea magazine. The house still looks like the magazine except that it's in the "Country Retirement" part of the catalogue. I think of possible places they could be keeping my sister, Sasha. She is strong and won't let people control her. She always used to boss me around even though I'm her older sister. She must have to be badly neglected for her not to escape before me. The basement is probably where she is. They had to keep me in a closet because I am the clever one. I almost always figure things out. The basement is easy to escape, but Sasha is not very smart. She would most likely just physically try to make her way out. Not sneak out of this mess like me. I go to the kitchen and notice that it is certainly different too. I turn towards the door and grab the knob. It's locked. Just absoltely great. But then my mind tells me that it can't be locked from the inside or else she could escape. I have to think like Mother Demon in order to find out where she is. I go to the kitchen and go to the hook where all the keys to the house used to be kept. They are still there. I always remembered the key to lock the basement doors was small. I take all the keys off the hook and search for the smallest one. My hands shake even though I am eager to find my sister. I find a small little key with an E+G engraved on the front. My mother and father's initials. I forgot about the engraving. They had it done when we first moved here 13 years ago when I was three and my sister was just a newborn. I pull it apart from the rest of the chains and put the rest  back on the hook. I dash over to the basement door and stick the key in. I twist and pull when I hear the lock open. I pull the creaky basement door open. As I start to descend the stairs, my eyes burn from the stench that fills the whole room. I look around the room for anything to prove that shes here, when I see something that will fill my nightmares for the rest of my life.

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