Why is life so hard ?

A average teenaged girl named Katelyn. She's been bullied almost her whole life and every day was always the same till she met him. Katelyn's life starts to get even worse. Can she pull it through or would she leave thing world of the living. Guess you have to read it to find out.


5. The embarrassing father

~Katelyn's P.O.V~

"well since your friends with my daughter you should know some embarrassing things about her"My dad said

The boys all nodded 

"When Katelyn was younger she accidently.."He started before i interrupted him.

"DAD REALLY!!" I yelled with a smile.

"Katelyn accidently sneeze farted at her school talent show." my dad bursted out laughing and so did the boys. I knew i shouldn't let my dad say them.*facepalm*

"It's okay love Louis did that at a interview." Zayn said I couldn't help but laugh.Before they could of told me more my phone rang. It was someone who i didn't want to talk to, it was my mother. I had to pick it up.

"I'll be back" i said and left the room and went on the porch.

~Father's P.O.V~

I just kept saying all her embarrassing things about her and showed them baby photos of her. It took me awhile for me to notice that Katelyn has been gone for awhile. Ill wait couple of minutes before checking up on her.

~Few minutes later~

I went out side and saw her talking on the phone i didn't know who it was but i know that she hated that person cause she clinched her fist you can see them turning a little white.

~Harry's P.O.V~

Her father is an amazing person I see where she gets her personality from. She looks exactly like him but the looks of it that she's a daddy's girl. While her dad went out to check up on Katelyn , me and the lads look through old photos of her. She was such a gorgeous baby, Katelyn still has her same smile she had when she was little. Every photo i saw of her i fall more in love with this girl.

I just met the girl and Im already in love with her is that possible well to me it is , its called love at first sight.

"Hey harry it looks like your falling for the girl aren't you?" Louis said with a smirk across his face. Now that i think about i am falling for her.

"yes i am falling for Katelyn" I couldn't help but smile with my dimples showing.

"aww our little hazza is growing up."Liam said while fake crying on Niall's shoulder. I didn't care what they think i just wanted her in my arms.

"well you can tell he is by his face, he couldn't stop smiling the whole time we were here and early today he couldn't stop talking about her."Zayn added in.

"I think she's changing  Harry's life?" Niall said

"I think so too"also smiling like crazy. 


A/N sorry you guys have to wait awhile I'll been busy with school,homework,family, and also thinking what to write to you guys. Well don't quite on me yet cause I'm just getting started. 


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