Why is life so hard ?

A average teenaged girl named Katelyn. She's been bullied almost her whole life and every day was always the same till she met him. Katelyn's life starts to get even worse. Can she pull it through or would she leave thing world of the living. Guess you have to read it to find out.


4. Thanks DAD!!!!

~Katelyn's P.O.V~

I woke up to the sound of my phone. My head shot up when i realized it was from Harry. The text said "Hey Katelyn it was really nice to meet you today oxox." "it was nice to see you again aswell :)" "Well me and the lads will be around your house at 1pm have to go see you later love oxox." 

What did he mean by "me and the lads will be around your house at 1pm"? I have no clue at all . I walked in the kitchen cause i was hungry again, when i saw my dad sitting there reading the newspaper. "Hi dad" "Oh your awake well hello sweetheart i made you a sandwich." thank god , i loved when he had his wonderful sandwich. "Oh honey i forgot to tell you i invited the boys over!" WHAT! "WHAT! so you were the one that told them to come over why didn't you tell me or at least warned a girl." I said in a my (little angry voice) 

"I thought if would be good for you to get to know your new friends plus Im your father i need to know what type of people your hanging out with." My dad said with a weird smile that made me laugh a bit.

I was mad or upset about it I was actually really happy that i get to see them again.

"Well okay Im gonna shower cause their coming over in an hour" as i was half way up the stairs i forgot to tell me dad one more thing.

"Dad you better not embarrass me infront of them." I yelled from upstairs

"Honey you know Im gonna embarrass you " he was laughing I couldn't but laugh too.

It was great having my dad around instead of my mom. I was always a daddy's girl and i would always be. Im just a girl version of my dad but younger.


After the shower i was dressed and everything. Then there was a knock at the door. My dad ran to the door while i was still in my room.

~Harry's P.O.V~

The boys and I greeted Katelyn's father and sat in there Living room. I was amazed at how many pictures there were in the living room. " KATELYN THE BOYS ARE HERE" her father basically sang out loud. "Okay Im coming Im coming" katelyn said while running down the stairs. 

"Hello Katelyn" me and the boys sang.

" wow it looks like there is gonna be alot of singing today." She said and we laughed.

I couldn't help but stare at her there was something about her i just can't take my eyes off.

~Back to me~

"This is a lovely home you have here." Liam said with a smile.

"Thank you i did it but myself as usual" giving a smile back.

"so sweetheart should i pull out home video's or old pictures of you .Or tell them things you use to do when you were little. Cause as your father i was suppose to embarrass you." They all laughed while i slapped my forehead.I really didn't mind my father telling them.

"Go ahead"

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