Why is life so hard ?

A average teenaged girl named Katelyn. She's been bullied almost her whole life and every day was always the same till she met him. Katelyn's life starts to get even worse. Can she pull it through or would she leave thing world of the living. Guess you have to read it to find out.


11. Let's get ready

~Harry P.O.V~

Even though i know how to but where to? I need this to be perfect, well or at least she will say yes to go out with me. I never have this type of problems with girls. But Katelyn she's different in a special way with her i need to get it right. She's like no other and thats why Im so interested in her. I'll just think of what to do when i get back to the flat.

Me and the lads had a great time at Katelyn's place. I got to know somethings about her. Like how her favorite is orange, her favorite animal is a tiger and so on. Those were answers i didn't expect her to say or any girl to say. And i like it.

Louis was driving on our way home. I was just thinking and thinking on what to do. I didn't say a word the whole car ride. The lads knew what i was thinking about so they just let me be. We arrived at the flat once i got in i changed into my pajamas and plopped onto my bed. Once i was dozing off thats when it hit me, i had a great plan but i need the help of the mates. I'll tell them in the morning but right now i need my sleep today was kinda a rough day for all of us.


I woke up , looked at my clock it was 8:30 that was early for me but today i need to get started on my plan. I went down stairs and cooked breakfast, in the middle of cooking i heard running footsteps. The boys came running down the stair to the smell of the food. Obviously Niall was first. While we were eating i discussed about the plan. They all agreed on it. Once we were done, we got dress and headed out.

I drove to a flower shop and got as many pink lily flowers as i can get. When we got them we headed out and started to make it. Hours pasted and finally we were done. And now this is were we get the plan going.

~Katelyn's P.O.V~

I was just sitting in my room doing some school work, when all of a sudden there's a knock on my door i didn't expect any guest over. I slowly walked to the door and opened it. There standing was Liam and Niall with big smiles across their face from ear to ear. Wondering why are they here?

"Umm...... hey guys, what are you doing here?" with a confused look.

"Me and Niall just wanted to take you some place can you please come with us." Liam asked. I didn't know what to say I just met these guys and there asking to go places.

"I don't know i have a lot of school work to do I don't think I'll be able to go?" 

"Come on let's go we'll help you with your work after you come with us please Katelyn." Niall said pouting. How can you not say no to Niall like look at him he's so cute .

" Fine fine I'll go if i fail it's all your fault" I pointed at them.

"you won't fail trust us" liam said

I through on my shoes and headed out the door. On the way there they wouldn't tell me where we were going. I begged then but they still wouldn't say. It was a 15 minute drive when we got there we hopped out of the car.

"here put this on." it was a blind fold

"okay....wait are you gonna kidnap me if so I'll call the cops on you guys" taking a step back

"we're not just put the blind fold on." I did what they told me. They walked me there. Then they let go I pulled off the blind fold and couldn't believe what i saw.

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