Why is life so hard ?

A average teenaged girl named Katelyn. She's been bullied almost her whole life and every day was always the same till she met him. Katelyn's life starts to get even worse. Can she pull it through or would she leave thing world of the living. Guess you have to read it to find out.


13. It was just...just wow

Harry's Point of view

Wow tonight was just wow. I was walking in the flat when the boys asked how it went.

Niall: "Harry how did it go?"

" it was just fantastic lads, literally tonight was the best night of my life."

Louis: "tell us what happened"

So i told them exactly what happened. How the night went. They were so amused by what i told them.

"and we leaned in and you know we kissed" i was blushing

Zayn: "YEAH MY MAN HARRY" Zayn said jumping on me

Liam: "calm down Zayn *laughs* So how was the kiss Harold" Once Liam said that all the boys leaned and and waiting for what i was gonna say.

"The kiss was just wow. I felt fireworks. My heart was pounding so fast, just thinking about it my heart is racing once again. It felt like it was a dream"

Louis: " i think our little Harold found the one. He's so grown now." *fake sobbing in to Niall's shoulder

Niall: " i know Louis we are all so proud of our little boy. He grew so fast." At this point everyone was fake crying.

Zayn: " I think our little baby needs to go to sleep" I did as he said and went upstairs to my room.

"NIGHTY NIGHT PUUMPKIN" they yelled from downstairs.

" GOOD NIGHT DADDIES" i yelled back. I chuckled to myself. 

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