Why is life so hard ?

A average teenaged girl named Katelyn. She's been bullied almost her whole life and every day was always the same till she met him. Katelyn's life starts to get even worse. Can she pull it through or would she leave thing world of the living. Guess you have to read it to find out.


6. It turned for the worse.

~Katelyn's P.O.V~

It was my mum who called after she divorce my father i lost all types of respect for her. I don't even consider her my mother anymore, I didn't need her in my life i just need my dad he is the person i need to survive this terrible world.I was so heated cause of the conversation that i had with her i couldn't stand her. Once the conversation was done i  saw my dad at the door with a concerned look. I had to tell him cause it also involves him in it too.

"What's wrong honey are you okay?Who was that on the phone?" Yep i had too

"It was mum she told me the whole story on how you two broke apart.And that she found another man in her life." my voice was weak and cracked i was trying to hold all the tear but i couldn't they need to fall. 

"Its okay honey i don't care that she has another man were done the only woman i need in my life is you and only you. Don't get to mad at your mother because of what she did."His voice was weak also.Why would my mom do that to my dad. So that past month my mother was cheating the whole time how could she do that to dad ,she doesn't even deserve a man like my father. If she wants to be a whore then let her. I don't to have a slut known as my mother to be in my life. I'm done with her. My tears were filled with anger and sadness i tried to hold them in but i couldn't they were still falling down my face.At that moment i just notice that the boys are still there.

"Dad i think we should go in side we have quest in there." 

"Your right sweet heart why don't you entertain your friends while i make you guys some lunch hows that" he replied.

"That sounds great . I love you daddy." "I love you too pumpkin" he kissed my forehead and walked back in the house.

Harry's P.O.V-

Katelyn and her father finally walked back in the house I lifted my head from the photos and instantly i ran and hugged her. She was crying.

"Are you alright love?" With a worried tone. They boys also got up and comfort her to calm here down.

"yeah I'm fine just was talking to my mother." I was about to ask what happen but i saw it in her face she didn't want to talk to people about it.

~15 minutes later~

Her dad called us for lunch obviously Niall was the first one to get up. We were all eating, her dad was an amazing cook.

"WOW sir you are such a great cook" Niall said while taking another bite.

All the lad agreed. I haven't had a home cooked meal in months and it felt like i was back at home i missed those feelings. I got out of my thoughts by the sound of Katelyn's phone. Once she looked at it her smile slowly disappeared.

Katelyn's P.O.V~

I got a unknown text from some one, this person kept texting me but it was Amber or one of her followers .This person has been constantly texting me . The text said.

"Hey Katelyn how are you ? I've been keeping a close eye on you lately how are you and your parents doing :) Oh yeah their not together. Just keep an eye out cause I am gonna come after you . Better sleep with one eye open . Hope your having fun with One direction have fun as much as you can cause I'm gonna kill you . This is payback." 

I started to cry again . I showed my dad the text he read all of them. He couldn't believe it .

"Katelyn who are these texts from?" He looked up with watery eye's. The boys just stayed shut and listened on what's happening.

"I don't know dad that person has been sending me texts for awhile now and i can't take it. What if they are gonna come after me or what if they came after you. I can't let them take you away from me your the only thing i have left dad." I said crying even harder while my dad was hugging me.

"Honey shhhhh calm down every thing is gonna be alright nothing is gonna happen to you while Im here."Even though he tried to calm me down it wouldn't work. How can I calm down when there's someone who's gonna kill me at anytime. I'm freaking out right now.

"I'm sorry guys... But i .. think you...sh-sh- should leave.. Ill talk to you l-l -later." I tried to say through the crying. They all left the house my dad was still holding till I stopped crying but once i did there was a big knock on the door. At this point i was scared out of my mind seeing what's behind that door. My dad had a knife in his hand while i was right next to him. 

We slowly opened the door and............................

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