Why is life so hard ?

A average teenaged girl named Katelyn. She's been bullied almost her whole life and every day was always the same till she met him. Katelyn's life starts to get even worse. Can she pull it through or would she leave thing world of the living. Guess you have to read it to find out.


10. I need an idea

~Harry P.O.V~

okay i have to do it but how am I. Should I just go up to her and say it or surprise her. Dammit why is this so hard. I need help, maybe Liam would help me , he is romantic. Even though he's coping with the break up.

"Liam can you help me on how i should ask out Katelyn?" I said nervously

"Ummm... ask her out with something she like's and use it." Liam suggested it was a great idea but i don't know what she likes.

"what does she like?"I questioned

"why don't you ask her dad?" true i could. I walked up to Mr.Nguyen.

"Um sir i was wondering if you know what Katelyn likes?"

"Harry you know you can call my Andrew. Well she likes creative things i don't know what type of thing but it has to be creative for her to like it. This is random but she likes animals." he chuckled at the end.

"well thank you sir....I mean Andrew."

"No problem son well if you don't mind me asking but why were you wondering what she likes?" he raised an eyebrow. I have to tell him either way he's gonna find out. Just take a deep breath Harold.

"well i was planning on asking your daughter on a date in a way she would like it but i would only ask if your okay Mr.Nguyen....I mean Andrew." nervously said from my mouth. What f he says no, what if he doesn't like me? I looked up at him , he had a smile cross his face.

"Of course you can go on a date with my daughter. Since your finding away to ask her i know one you could do. Cause she told me how she wants a guy to ask her on a date. Would you like to know son?" He had thee biggest smile on his face.

"YES i would like to know." I almost yelled with excitement.

"okay okay hold your horses. She wants someone to ask her out by spelling it out with pink lily flowers." he answered

"why pink lily flowers?"

"because those were her grandmothers favorite flowers."

"wow your daughter is truely amazing. Thank you for giving my permission to go on a date with your daughter."

"Your welcome Harry you better keep an eye on her on the date." he said with a death glare

i gulped "I will sir I'll protect her if anything happens I'll call you."

"Okay just making sure, well i hope you have fun on that date"

"we will"

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