Skyla and Zayn

It's about a girl named skyla,and on her way to London she bumps into Zayn in the plane!


2. To be contined!!!

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   To be contined..... FanFic
Skyla was shocked and so was Zayn!
                    9 months later
One day Skyla was in the bathroom and she went into laber!Zayn drove to the hospital!
                   A few hours later!
Zayn went into the room and saw both of the baby's!Skyla called Zayn over to her,Zayn said "Whats the baby's name?"Skyla said "Well one is a girl and the other is a boy,so the boys name is Anothony and the girls name is going to be Catliyn!"Zayn was happy!
                   A day later!
Zayn brought Skyla and the 2 baby's home.Skyla was resting in bed while Zayn was takin care of the babys!
                      10 years later!
Anothnoy was 10 and Catlyin was 10 too!Anothony had a gf (girlfriend) and Catliyn had a bf (boyfriend)!Skyla and Zayn had a pet dog and cat!Skyla and Zayn really loved each other,and they wanted to move and they did!And they were never heard again!
                   The End!!!!!!!

This story is made up and is not a real book!

By:Skyla Mort

Zayn is from 1 direction his others partners (singing buddy's) Are Niall,Harry,Louis,Zayn, and Liam!
Thank you for reading my story!(Oh and Kik me my username is sklamort1234)
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