Skyla and Zayn

It's about a girl named skyla,and on her way to London she bumps into Zayn in the plane!


3. Sex and love!!!!

Sorry for that guys ummm any back to the story!
Skylas P.O.V
After we moved,I loved Zayn soooo much and he's so damn cute!Lol
So then after I putted the kids to sleep,I went into the bed room
And started to have sex with zayn!!!I just loved watching Zayn
Smile like a fucking idiot!!!
Zayns P.O.V
After we had sex,we fell asleep!When I woke up I saw that
Skyla forgot to get on clothes after we had sex,and I saw her boobs and
Ass out lol!I got up and woke her up!She smiled at me,so I grinned!
Skylas P.O.V
I felt like I was in a fairytale,cause we just kept satin that we loved each other
To be contined.....
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