Skyla and Zayn

It's about a girl named skyla,and on her way to London she bumps into Zayn in the plane!


1. Bumps into Zayn!!!!!

                    By:Skyla Mort
                    Page 1
One day Skyla and her friend Taylor were just exiting the 1 Direction concert,just then Skyla accentidly bumped into Zayn!Then Skyla looks up and looks right into Zayns eyes and fell in love with him!Taylor was waiting in the car,and Zayn went up to Taylor and asked if he could drive Skyla to her house.Taylor said "ok cause I have to head home" so Zayn took Skyla home and on the way home they started talking and talking!Zayn said "We should hang out sometime!"Then Zayn asked for Skylas number and Skyla gave her number to Zayn!Zayn pulled up to Skylas house and said goodbye.Then he gave her a wink and drove off!Skyla was happy and started to think about Zayn all the time.
                       The Next Day
Skyla ran downstairs and sat down and started watching tv!Then Skylas phone rang and it was Zayn!Skyla picked up and Zayn said "Hey Skyla,I wanted to know if you wanted to go on a date?"Skyla said "I would love to go on a date!Pick me up at 7:00 p.m."Zayn said "ok get ready"Skyla was busy getting herself ready and Zayn too!
                       6 hours later
It was 7:00 p.m and then Zayn pulled up in front of her house!Skyla walked out of her house and into Zayns car.Then Zayn said "Wow you look pretty"Skyla said "Thank you and you too!"Then Zayn pulled up to a very fancy restaurant!Zayn got out of his car and went to the other side of the car and opened the door for Skyla!
                        2 hours later
Skyla and Zayn were having a great time!Then Skyla gave Zayn a kiss on the cheek!��Zayn said "Well it's getting late!"Skyla said "Yeah it is"
                       5 years later
                    Meanwhile the 5 years Skyla and Zayn have been dating and loved each other 4ever!
One day Skyla went over to Zayns house and Zayn had a picnic for Skyla and him!At the end of the picnic,Skyla got up and said "I love you Zayn so much!" Zayn said "I love you 2!I want to be with you 4ever,so Skyla Mort will you marry me��?"Skyla said "YES YES YES,I will marry you!"Zayn picked up Skyla and kissed her!
                The day of the wedding!
Skyla walked down the aie and stood in front of Zayn!So the priest said "blah blah bla marry blah blah marry"Skyla said "I do"then Zayn said "I do!"So then they kissed and then they went to Paris,France for there Honeymoon!
                      2 days later
Skyla and Zayn just got back from there honeymoon!They both went home and they started kissing and kissing!They loved each other so much that they were already talking about a child!
            A Few Months Later!
Zayn went into the bathroom to see what's going on with Skyla cause she has been throwing up 2 times seen there marriage!Skyla was doing a pregnant test!Skyla was pregnant,she was going to have twins!
                   To be contined..........
(Oh and Kik me my username is skylamort1234)
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