I'll Always Be There For You

when kathrynn's brother, louis leaves for the x factor, he promises her that he'll always be there for her


1. louis leaves

kathrynns pov

As louis packs his bags for the x factor i feel like im gonna cry. he is my best friend and my older brother. how am i gonna sleep without him in the room next to me? it is always so loud in there. its so much easier to sleep with him plotting schemes to prank people at his school!!!!!!!! He was at the train station now, boarding the train to london. iwas crying sooooo much and scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



louis's pov

 i see kathrynn crying and i promise to call her and text her every day of the x factor. mom and k are gonna be there for the audition tomorrow, but i have to get there early.i have found out that there are gonna be like 350 people auditioning  for the show! i am just waiting to get there so that i can give her the special neckalace. hers is a choker and mine is a dog tag.

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