Across the bridge

In a distant place is a robe bridge. This is not your average bridge, this bridge decides your fate. Instant death or immortal. When Masie finds this bridge and wants to know more, she ignores the legends and the truths behind them and goes to cross it. Will she make it back across, alive?


2. Project

I picked up my fork, looking at the lumpy white stuff that was apparently mashed potatoes. 

"Come on Masie, just one spoonful and then you can go back upstairs and talk to your friends." my mother told me sternly but nicely. Like you would talk to a three year old. So I decided to act like one. I stuck my tongue out at her and then got the tiniest amount that resembled what she wanted and through it down my neck. Cringing as the lumps went down my throat. I grabbed my coke and drunk it all in one. I slammed my fork back on the table and then walked off, I held on to my side of the bargain, she has to. I took the stairs two at at time and ran to my room as quickly as I could. I looked at my laptop, 3 unread emails, bet they were from Angus. I hit my computer to life, it needs a kick start literally, and replied to each of the emails:

-What you doing tomorrow?

An :)

-Hey, you dead or something? Are you busy or not?

An :(

-Reply soon!!!!!!!!!!! 

You know who!

I breathed in deep and sent only one email back:

Hey, sorry I was eating tea. I know you like me and every one at school knows that too but if it is a date, and it probably is, then no. I'm sorry but I'm too young.

M xx Sorry!

I was actually nearing my twenty first  birthday so that was a lie but to me it felt that it wasn't. I wanted to date when I had turned twenty three. I was sure that he could last that long surely. I sat back and picked up my book. I must have read for hours because I fell asleep.


I woke up fairly early. I slipped my glasses on and looked at myself through the mirror. My hair was in knots and it smelt of the pages of books. I would have loved that smell as a perfume, weird but not to me. I grabbed my brush and tugged at my hair until it was calm again. The deep mixture of brown to blonde was perfect, the dark bits underneath giving way to the honey golden blonde. In the short way I wore it made me feel more like a librarian than a student, but the world of books was real to me. I pulled on my uniform and stuffed my book in to my bag. I was mocked at school for reading and getting high grades, but I put that behind me. I ran downstairs and grabbed a slice of toast before I half fell on to the sofa. Sponge bob was on so I glued to the telly. Even though he was highly a pain to most people, I enjoyed him. I had lost track of time, it was already 8:15. I swung my bag over my shoulder and ran out the door to school, I wanted to go back on to the summer holidays. Desperately.


I was excited for the very first time in my new English lesson. we were told to do research on a local truths. We were given some websites, but only one stood out to me. I had heard of this before, my grandmother had told me: that in the previous decades there is one island that is to far out for normal boaters to see. Some boaters don't know it but people can see certain things, people who are built for greatness. There is an island which can be seen by anyone, but there is a bridge. This bridge can only be seen by these select few, all who have crossed it have perished by the creatures on this island. No-one knows who or what lives on here but it is deadly. I snapped out of my day dream and thought about how I was going to do this. Then I had the most idiotic and brilliant plan I had ever thought of. I was going to find this island, whether it killed me in the process or not. I would make it there.

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