Across the bridge

In a distant place is a robe bridge. This is not your average bridge, this bridge decides your fate. Instant death or immortal. When Masie finds this bridge and wants to know more, she ignores the legends and the truths behind them and goes to cross it. Will she make it back across, alive?


1. Preface

The bats live at peace with nature. They come at twilight to feed on the resting seals. Every night the chorus of pain begins, the seals scream out to any person within ear shot but there is no human around. No one that has a beating heart, blood running through their veins. They feed on the seals too but the seals do not survive after they have fallen prey. They have a slow painful death, the blood is serving as a meal to the horror rather than helping the seal's vital organs. When a human actually comes to this place they have left all hope of a life they had before. The hunter chooses their fate. If  they die and become their meal, or they join the predators. The teeth sink deep in to the jugular, the blood flows in to their mouths; feeding it. When people have gone in before, they never come back. No human has ever left the island with their heart still beating. No cold stone like monster has come back with a person. Until now. 

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