The Time of Our Lives

Jilly and her best friend Becca Hunnington are heading to London for the time of their lives. Only what happens when then bump into the biggest boy band of their time? Read more to find out :).


2. Signing

Jilly's pov

I'm taking a shower! Ok becca said. Ahhhh a shower at last. After I took my shower i put on my navy blue and white striped day dress for the One Direction signing. Quickly I swiped on my favorite ligloss and we were out the door.

Becca's pov

JIlly looked so cute. I wore my pink maxi dress with some mascara and lip balm.

Niall's pov

Its so boring sitting all day only signing things with no cute girls. At least the line is getting shorter, as I scan the line I notice one girl in particular she was beautiful. Harry told me I get first dibs this time so i dib her.

Harry's pov

I see Niall eyeing somegirl at the  end of the line . I see her and her friend get closer wow is her friend beautiful i must have her number. Harry your daydreaming agian get up. Ok

Jilly's pov

Niall is my favorite and Harry is Becca's favorite. Maybe they like us. OMG here we are I thought. Can I have my shirt signed i said to Niall. "Sure" he said. Instead of his signature it was a message saying call me :) and his number. Ok i can do that.

Becca's pov

Harry was signing my shirt and asked if I would like to go out to nite. Heck yeah i thought sure ill go out with you is what i said though. I am hungry hopefully he's taking me to Nando's

Niall pov

I wrote down call me i'm such a dork sighing a checked twitter. "You ok man" louis said. Yeah just tired and hungry.

Louis's pov

YAY Niall may have a girlfriend soon and the only  left would be Harry.


Well i have a date tonite yay now the entire 1D family is taken!

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