Laying Siege

A detailed story of Castle Wars that seems close to a real life medieval battle.


2. The Message

Chapter 2: The message.

We heard the knock on the barricade that we used for our messanger to use for us to know it was safe for him to come in. We moved the barricades aside allowing him in, "The battle has been greatly turned in our favor Sir." The messanger said, "The blue is running out of bandages and food for the troops, if we keep it up we will have their flag by sundown." "Good, we shall not stop until the blue are kneeling at our feet or until their flag is in the grip of my hands." I said to the messanger. Seconds, or what seemed like seconds passed until we heard the foot steps of the blue team in the hallway, archers notched their elemental arrows and aimed at the four barricades in the room, swordsmen got into position and prayed for blessings, while mages had spell books in hand, and a spell ready to cast in the other. We heard the ear throbbing BANG of the explosive liquid destroying our barricades in the hallway and on the outside of the room. The blue rushed into the room, our mages were quick to react freezing them, trapping them in a tangling mess of vines, or burning them to death. Archers unleashed their volly of elemental arrows into the packs of blue armored warriors busting down barricades, and throwing the explosive liquid. When all of it was over and blue lay dead on the ground, decided to make a stand, and go for their flag. We suffered many casualties, but without bandages the blue is slowly bleeding to death, and without food and drink they must be fatigued and hungry so we knew we had the advantage in this. We mainly lost swordsmen, so we would have to try to weaken the flag guarders from a distance, and since we had many archers and mages that shouldn't be a problem. We sent the messanger back to tell the catapults to direct all their fire onto the flag building, weakening their walls. We took alot of warriors out of the castle, mainly swordsmen to come help with the final assualt.


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