Laying Siege

A detailed story of Castle Wars that seems close to a real life medieval battle.


3. The Capture

Chapter 3: The Capture

After we had everyone we needed, swordsmen blocked off stairways and hallways, mages stayed to protect them and archers found vantage points. Wave after wave of blue came roaring out of buildings, their feet shook the ground beneath us, their roars loud like explosions. Our swords crashed into theirs in a all out close combat battle, so close are mages and archers couldn't risk sending arrows, or spells in fear of hitting a ally accidently. Eventually, they pushed back the blue. And, for 10, maybe 20 minutes there was no sign of the blue but we couldn't risk it for our own forces was weakening in strength and numbers. And that's when we heard the rhythm of the shields, and marching of feet. Thousands of feet. The holder of the enemy flag was surrounded in a circle of warriors, so packed together hitting them with arrows or spells did no effect. Our swordsmen circled them, but it seemed though, everytime a enemy died, one was replaced. Arrows were sent volly after volly but still not a dent was made in the circle. We sent the messanger to tell the catapults to shoot at the same time, and direct fire to the middle of the circle. I cannot even describe the sights of my allies' faces being split by a axe, or their stomach being impaled with vollys of enemy arrows, and being burnt alive by enemy, and accidental friendly fire. Our catapults were deadly, but we were to close to their circle, we lost maybe hundreds of men in accidental friendly fire, people being split apart by the impact, people being torn limb from limb. In the volly the flag holder must've lost balance, and lose grip on the flag. For the flag was laying on the ground and he was scrambling towards it. I stepped on his fingers and stabbed my sword into the small of his back impaling him to the ground, I grabbed the flag and took off from the battle as fast as I could. Our archers tried their best in killing the enemies ranged units, mages did a good job with protecting our swordsmen, I made it to the castle wall outside when a catapult bolder landed behind me, springing me forward. Good thing it put forward, I push myself upward and run into my castle, the screams of the dead are stear hearable this far away, the visions... And screams will haunt me for the rest of my life. I place the flag into the holder. And then the blue know we have won. The blue drop their weapons and kneel. Afterwards, we head to the Blue Moon to celebrate our victory with some beers. After that day, almost none of us had any contact with each other.

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