Laying Siege

A detailed story of Castle Wars that seems close to a real life medieval battle.


1. The Assault

Runescape contest entry.

Chapter 1: The Assault

I stood there preparing for the next of enemies to come through their castle gates. Our archers had arrows notched, mages with spells ready, and swordsmen in position. The creaking of the large wooden doors was loud, mixed with the deafening howl of the enemies with death on their minds. The whistling of the arrows was loud like high pitched screams, not to mention the nightmarish screams of death. The sizzling fire from the arrows was unbearable if impact was made. The screams of agony made it seem like they were roasting alive in their armor. Our allies were falling at our sides but we continued to push forward into their castle walls. It seemed like we had millions of troops with us, but every time we killed an enemy, another would come out of trenches or the castle to take his place. Our army stretched for miles, but it seemed like they had millions of people packed into the trenches and behind the castle doors. Fires were spreading from the arrows and mages, sounds of the screams and arrows whistling back and forth in the air would hurt your ears. Suddenly, the enemy pulled back and moved into the castle, for a reason we don’t know since it seemed they had equal, or more numbers then we did. While they retreated into the castle our archers picked up and cleaned arrows, mages prayed for blessings of Saradomin, and our swordsmen sharpened their swords and picked up more shields and scavenged for food or drinks. While we sat there re-supplying, we never heard a sound from the castle and the trench doors never opened for another wave of attack. After we were done we put swordsmen in front of the doors in a spear wall sort of formation, our mages imbued elements into our archers arrows, and when we opened the doors we found the hallway was not as big as the doors. It was cramped, dark, and cold as we moved through the hallway and it opened up into a large room. There were racks of bows and arrows, swords, armor on the walls. Bookshelves to the ceiling were stacked with spell books, but still there was no trace of the gigantic enemy army that retreated into the castle, nothing knocked off walls, no weapons on the floor, and the prints were in every direction throwing us off of where to search first. We made barricades on all four sides of the room, there was explosive liquid on the tables, bandages and above us was a room we couldn’t enter for the shimmering blue, liquid looking door would not allow us to pass. There was boulders for the catapults, and even though we have thousands of upon thousands making the assault of the castle, we still have maybe just as much defending our own. We could hear the low screech of the boulders flying back and forth from castle to castle, we took the supplies we need and as we left we barricaded the supply room so the blue warriors could not come back to resupply the catapult or heal the wounded. We decided to set a, sort of camp in this barricaded room until a messenger either came back with good, or bad news.


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