Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


25. Tour.


I woke up and rolled over just to see that Zayn wasn't there. For the past month or so he'd been leaving every morning to rehearse for there tour coming up. I wasn't ready for that. I dont exactly know what day.. but I hope it isn't soon.

I got up and hopped in the shower. I felt relaxed with the hot water beating on my skin. Not to hot... but it felt good. I was in there for a while, just enjoying the water. I heard the door open and then shower curtain got pulled and Zayn was standing there. " Hello beautiful! " He said. " Hey, babe. " I got out and wrapped the towel around me. Zayn was in the room changing. He turned around as I walked in. He slipped on some basketball shorts and sat on the bed and waited till I got dressed.

I put on a white tanktop with gray sweatpants. I walked over to Zayn and he put his phone on the night stand then let me climb onto his lap. I was sitting on his lap, not facing him. Our hands were intertwined together and he was rubbing his thumb on my hand, while kissing my neck. I got up out his lap and layed on the bed. He layed down and turned on the TV. I laid my head on his bare chest and snuggled under the covers while cuddling with him. " Babe.. " He said. " Yes? " I asked. I looked up at him and he had pain in his eyes. I sat up. " What is it, Zayn? " I asked again. " The tour.... " He said. " The tour what? What about it? " I asked. " Its tomorrow. " He said looking down at me.

I just stared at him. Confused. Shocked. " Wh-what? " I could feel the tears coming. But I didnt want to cry. Not right now. " Im sorry.. I didnt know until today. But, i'll text or call you everyday. It'll be okay, love. " He said with a weak smile. That's when they came. They poured and streamed down my face. Zayn grabbed me and pulled me close. " Its going to be okay. " He kept on whispering that while stroking my hair and kissing my forehead.

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