Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


29. The News

I was sitting on the bathroom floor waiting for Alison to get back from the store. Apart of me wanted a baby, but then apart of me didn't. Was I ready? What if Zayn doesn't want one? What if he'll leave me? I shouldn't think like that. He wouldn't leave me, not after 3 years!

Alison opened the door and handed me the test and said " I'll be out here.. "

I read the directions. It said a "+" if I am, or a "-" if I'm not. I am really hoping I am.

Alison opened the door after she heard my squeal. She could tell by my huge smile, that I was pregnant. I jumped up and hugged Alison. " I can't believe it! Your pregnant!! " She said excitedly. I was so happy. " We need to make an appointment. " Alison said. " Yeah, we do. " I replied. " When are you gonna tell Zayn? " She asked. I did not think about that... " Uhmmm, I dont even know. " I replied. " Should you wait, and just tell him on the boy's break from the tour? " She asked. " Yeah, that's a good idea. " I said.

" Okay, your appointment is tomorrow at 11:15. " Alison said. " Thanks. " I said.

Alison stayed over again. " Goodnight Alison. " I whispered. " Goodnight! " I walked upstairs and snuggled up under my covers.




I hopped into the passenger seat of the car while Alison backed out the driveway and drove to the Doctors office. We turned on the radio to 94.1. It was " Im Different " by 2 Chainz. We cranked it up and rolled down the windows.

We turned into the parking lot and walked into the Doctor's office. We sat down and waited for my name to be called. " I honestly, can't believe you are pregnant. " She said smiling. " Yeah, I know. But, I understand.. we did not use condoms at all. " I laughed. " Skylar Malik? " The doctor called out. Hearing that name being called out made me smile. Alison and I got up and walked into the room.

" Are you Skylar? " The doctor pointed to me. " Yes, I am! " She shook my hand. " Hi, I am Dr. Ying. So, I understand you're pregnant? " She asked. " Mhhhm. " I replied. " Okay, do you know how far you are? " She asked. " No, I came to find out all I need to know today! " I said smiling. " Okay, well let's go find out! "

I layed down and she put the gel on my stomach. She took the utensil out and moved it around on my stomach. " Well, your only 2 months, so you'll have to come back in 3 months for me to determine if it's a boy or girl. But, you are very healthy! " She said. " Thank you! " I shook hands with her and walked to the office to set up my next appointment. " Okay, your next appointment will be in 3 months June 14th. " The lady said smiling. " Thanks! "

We left and we went to Taco Bell for lunch. When we got home we just sat on the couch and watched T.V.

~ This chapter, in my opinion, is the suckiest chapter. Ever. Lol. Sorry, guys! I will do better next time. ~

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