Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


10. Shopping!

I woke up very very late today, it was 1:30! I felt great though, I really needed that sleep. I got up and decided to go shopping today! I called Dani and asked and she of course said yeah! She said she was gonna ask Jenna, El and Alison. My phone went off which scared me, it was from Dani. "

Dani: " Heyyyy, we all decided 3:30! Is that good? Also, we are gonna ride with youu! :D "

Me: Okay, 3:30 is fine! And yeah sure just be here at 3:00!

Dani: " K. "

It was 1:45, I had quite a bit of time. I knew we would probably eat so i will just wait. I decided to just go ahead and get ready. I hopped in the shower and shaved my legs, which took about 30 minutes. I wrapped a towel around me and put a towel on my head. I went to my closet and looked through it. Ughhhh, this is so hard!! I decided to wear a cheetah tube top and red shorts with a jean jacket over it, and red stilettos to match. I curled my hair in big loose curls and did my make up with red lipstick. That took ALOT of time it was now 3:00, they should be getting here anytime now. I went downstairs and Zayn was on the couch watching T.V. " Damn, babe! You look hot! " He said winking. I laughed. " Why thank you! " I said. I walked over to him and sat on his lap he kissed me and that was when Alison walked in. " Heeeyy. Oh, snap. My bad.. " She said as she slowly backed up out the door. I laughed, " She is so crazy! " I said. " Agreed! " Zayn said. " Alright, well i gotta go. Bye babe!! " I said pecking him on the lips. I grabbed my clutch which was black with sequins covering it.

" Alright girls, whos ready!? " I said. " I AM!! " Dani yelled. We all went in my white Tahoe, i sat in the drivers seat, and Jennacy was up front with me and El, Dani and, Alison were in the back. I turned on the radio too 101.5 and " Live while we're young " was on. I turned it up all the way and rolled the windows down. We were all singing and laughing and having a good time. We pulled into the parking lot of the mall, and we all got out. We walked into the doors and a HUGE crowd of girls came running towards us. We looked frantically around for a place to run and i spotted a red door. " GUYS OVER HERE!! " I screamed to the girls. We ran and busted through the door and locked it. " Phew, that was a relief! " El said. " Agreed. " I said. I never really got to see what everyone was wearing until now. Jennacy was kind of matching me, she wore a floral tube top with jean shorts but the whole pocket sides were floral too, and black flats. Alison was wearing a black ruffly tanktop with jean shorts, and black sandals. El was wearing a red tanktop with light jean shorts and tan sandals and Dani was wearing a black tanktop with an owl on it, jean shorts and black lacey stilettos to match.

We found the manager and he said there was a door behind every store that you could go into then exit to another door without attracting fans. We found the bridal store and walked in.

There were SO many dresses to choose from, it was amazing. My wedding colors were gonna be Teal and white. After looking around for an hour or too i found a beautiful teal dress with a black bow right under the chest, it was a halter top dress too! Now, time for MY dress!

I looked through a lot of racks and picked one out. I went into the back to try it on. It was a halter top dress and it was white, and on the chest area it was full of sequins and below the chest it was long and ruffled. It fit me perfectly, and it was in my price range. I LOVE IT!!  I walked out and walked onto the platform and the girls jaws dropped. " Oh my god.... " They all said. I giggled, " Do yall like it? " I asked. " WE LOVE IT!! " Dani said, answering all the girls. A cheer ran down my cheek and Alison jumped up and hugged me. " Skylar, you look beautiful! Zayn is gonna love it. " She said smiling. I wiped away my tears and said " Thank you Alison. " I smiled again. " So is this the one? " The sales attendant asked. " Yes! A thousand times yes!! "

We checked out and walked to the car. I laid the dresses down in the trunk. " Im hungry. " El said. " Yeah, me too. " Jenna said. " Where should we eat? " I asked. " Its up to Mrs. Malik! " Dani replied. We laughed. " I say... My place? " I requested. " That sounds great! " I backed out the parking lot and i put in Cher Lloyd's album and turned it on Oath. " Guys, call your boyfriends so they'll be there already! " I decided to call Zayn and tell him.

Me: Hey babe!

Zayn: Hey love! How'd everything go?

Me: Great! I cant wait!!

Zayn: ( laughs ) Me either!

Me: Uhmm, i was wondering if we could all have dinner at our place?

Zayn: Yes, that'd be wonderful.

Me: Okay, see you later! Love you.

Zayn: Love you too, sweetheart.

* 20 minutes later * We pulled into the driveway and everyone was already there. We walked in and it smelled great! I took off my heels and walked into te kitchen. Harry and Zayn were talking. Harry saw me but Zayn didnt so i told Harry to SHHHH because i wanted to surprise Zayn. I snuck in the kitchen and wrapped my hands around his waist, covering his neck with kisses. He turned around and kissed me back. " Im gonna go now... " Harry said. " Hey, babe! " I said. " Hello, love. " He said back pulling me into a kiss. " What are you making? " I asked. " Your favorite, steak. " He replied. " Aweeeee, thanks! "

I walked into the living room and sat on the couch next to Louis and El. " Hello, lou! " I said. " Hello! " He said back. Harry came over to me, " WHERES ALISON!? " he asked scared. " Harry, calm down shes probably in the bathroom. As soon as i said that she walked out " ALISON! " He screamed. " HARRY! " She yelled back. They ran to eachother and she jumped in his arms hugging him tight. You could tell they were in love! " DINNERS READY!! " Zayn shouted. I sat down next to Zayn and Niall and Jennacy sat next to us and so forth. We had steak, mashed potatoes, corn and green beans. We finished and everyone left.

I got out the shower and brushed my hair and layed down next to Zayn and buried my head in his chest. He kissed my forehead and stroked my hair. I smiled, right now my life was going great!

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