Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


24. Reception!

The reception is a ' No Kids Allowed ' type reception. It's under a big tent, and theres gonna be alcohol... so that's why there is no kids allowed.

We sit down and Alison and Harry get some congratulations and it's now time to eat! There was salad and pasta, and little appetizers. I had enough for my fill and so did Zayn. We just sat there waiting for the others to finish.


It was now time for the first dance as husband and wife. They made there way to the center and Over Again played. There was no words it was the instrumental version. But, I could see Harry's lips moving close to Alison's ear so I figured he was singing it to her.

There dance finished and then they sat back down and we got some drinks. We started off with something easy first.. a vintage wine. I don't know what it's called though, some french name. We got a little tipsy so we decided it was now time to hit the floor. The DJ played ' Bandz a make her dance ' and that drove us crazy. We all started dancing, and I soon felt strong hands grip my waist and I peeked over my shoulder and it was Zayn. It made me want to dance harder. I grinded on him for a while soon feeling a boner.. which made me feel good that I was pleasing him. ' Don't stop pop that ' came on and I just kept going.

I looked around and noticed Alison just going. Harry was behind her a seductive smirk was plastered on his face, and every now and then he'd tilt his head back. He was holding on to her so tightly, like he NEVER wanted her to leave. We stopped, and went and sat down and had some more drinks. These were MUCH more strong. It was Patron. That's what got us messed up! We went back on the dance floor and grinded some more, and Danielle and Jenna were gettin' it too! " GET IT JENNA AND DANIELLE! " I screamed. They just laughed.

Zayn had let go of my waist earlier, but then I felt them going back. I turned around and he bit his lip. I was bent over.. so I stood up and just grinded on him from there. " Babe, you are so hot. I can't wait till we get home tonight. " He whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my body. " I bit my lip.. " I can't wait either! " I said. I stopped and turned around and wrapped my hands around his neck and started making out with him. He slid his hands down my back and rested his hands on my butt. He started kissing my neck.. " Babe! Not here... " I said. He just laughed and slammed his lips against mine agressively.

" Skylarrrr. " Alison said slurring my name. " What? " I asked pulling away from Zayn. " Let's go inside, everyone already left. " She said. Me and Zayn stumbled in the house, on the couch. I was way too drunk, so I didn't wanna drive home. Zayn layed down and I layed on top of him kissing him. " Hey, whore.. were going upstairs. " Alison said. " Okaaaay. Im sleeping over. " I said. " Ok, me and Harry are gonna go fuuuuuuck... so don't go up there. " She said while grabbing his hand and pulling him upstairs. " Okay, dont come down here either! " I said winking. " That was a great reception! " I said in between his kisses. " Yeah. " He agreed, making it quite obvious that he didn't wanna talk. " You don't wanna talk? Just have sex? " I asked, smiling. He smlied in the kiss, and nodded. " Okay... "

~ AN: Sorry, if this chapter is sucky.. Lol. Please, give me your feedback. ^.^ ~


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