Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


17. Reception!

We walk into the reception area. Which is a HUGE tent with chairs and tables. We get loads of congratualtions, and I go sit down at the table next to Zayn and Alison. Harry is sitting next to Alison and Niall is sitting next to Zayn.

We get alot of people coming up and asking for pictures, and more congratulations. The food is ready so we go up there first and get some food. It is roast, and mashed potatoes, pasta, salad and more. When, we sit down I immediately chow down. The roast is juicy and tender and the mashed potatoes are good and creamy. Im finished before everybody I think, and I take a sip of my vintage chardne wine, which is tangy which makes it good. I can tell by the end of the night im gonna be WASTED. 

It is now time for the first dance as husband and wife. The DJ turns on " Little Things " and we dance. He has his hands wrapped around my waste and my hands are around his neck and my head is rested on his shoulders. I start to cry just because this is just perfect. Hes singing along but whispering it into my ear. The song ends and he kisses me in the middle which makes everyone say " aweee ". 

 It is now time for the father and daughter dance. The DJ turns on " My babygirl " by Tim Mcgraw, and it makes me tear up. This day is so great, and it honestly couldn't get any better.

I sat back down and Alison and Harry wanted to slow dance. I watched for a minute and they are so adorable. He had his arms around her waist JUST above her butt and she wrapped her hands around him. I turned away, but RIGHT when I turned away I heard Harry's voice on the mic.

I was confused. " Hello! Uhmm, I'd like to make an announcement. I know its not my night, but I need to say something to Alison. Sweetheart, you know how much you mean to me, we've been dating for quite a while now... so I think its time. " I smiled and a HUGE grin formed on Alisons face. " Alison Donna Easley, will you marry me? " He asked. " OH MY GOD!!! HARRY! YES! YES! YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES! " She ran up on stage and jumped on him. They started kissing and everyone " awee'd " again. They are so cute! Alison ran over to me and that smile would not wipe off her face! " Can you believe that just happned!? HARRY PROPOSED! Look at the ring, ITS GORGEOUS! " I looked, it truly was. " Yes! Im so happy for you Alison!! "  I said. " I know!! " She ran off to Harry.

" Did you know about this? " I asked Zayn. " Yeah... " He replied. I laughed, " There adorable. " I said. " Yeah, but not more adorable than us. " He said winking. Then, we kissed.

The wedding is over and it's just me, Zayn, Alison, Harry, Jennacy and Niall. Jennacy and Niall have been gone quite a long time to get some " Cleaning Supplies ".. so I think they've gone to do something else. Harry and Alison were just making out, and so in love. " Hey, Alison? " I asked. " Yeah? " She said. " Can you take over? Were really tired! " I said. " Yeah, sure! No problem. " She replied. " Thanks! " I said, and ran over to give her a hug.

We pulled into the driveway, and surprisingly I wasn't drunk. We went upstairs, and to save time we just got in the shower together.

* 45 minutes later *

I came out satisfied. I told myself I wouldn't, but seeing him naked..... I couldn't resist. We climbed into bed and I technically layed on top of Zayn, and fell asleep quickly. My life was great right now.

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