Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


21. Planning!

I awoke to  Zayn stirring around. When I opened my eyes I remembered where we were. I turned to a position where I could look up at Zayn. He was staring down at me. " Goodmorning! " He said leaning down and pecking my lips lightly. I smiled. " Goodmorning, babe! " I got up and stretched and Zayn did also. He groaned a little when he put pressure on his leg.

" Im gonna hop in the shower. " Zayn said. I just nodded in reply. " You don't wanna join? " He asked, winking. " Haha, sure. Why not? " I ran upstairs to get the water running. Zayn took his time coming up the stairs because of his leg. I was already in there, shampooing my hair. I was rinsing it out when Zayn entered. I finished all what I needed to do then we made out passionately while the hot water poured on us, then I got out and Zayn finished what he needed to do.

I wasn't going anywhere but I still put on decent clothes. I put on a flowered croptop with light colored high waisted shorts. I was thinking of things to do, when Alison's wedding popped up. We need to get all this planned out and invitations sent out. I called her and asked her about it.

Me: Hey!

Alison: Hey, what's up?

Me: I was thinking you could come over and we could plan your wedding?

Alison: Yeah, that sounds great! See you in an hour?

Me: OK!

Zayn walked out and I told him. " Alison's coming over.. to talk about her wedding. So, why don't you and Harry go to one of the Niall's house or something? " I said. " Ok, I needed something to do anyway. " He said.


Alison and Harry pulled up and I opened the door waiting for them. They walked up and Alison smiled. " Hey! " Pulling me into a hug. I hugged Harry after. Me and Alison sat down on the couch and Zayn walked downstairs. " Me and Harry are gonna go to Niall's. Bye babe! " He came over and pecked me on the lips. Harry did the same, but to Alison.

" OK, let's get started! " I said excitingly. She smiled " What did you have in mind my maid of honor? " She asked. " Okay, I was thinking.. since you want a small wedding.. to have it in you and Harry's backyard. " I said. " That sounds great! And it's a good place to have it because it's big and has alot of big trees and it's very good scenery for everyone to look at. " She agreed. " Yeah! So, what dress did you have in mind? And bridesmaids dresses? " I asked. " Uhmmm, for my dress, I saw it at the bridal store in the mall, I would like it to be a halter top and the top be sequined with little designs and the bottom flowy and designed with sequins. For, my bridesmaid dresses I want them to be halter top also but FULL of sequins at the top and all different colors at the bottom and flowy. " She said nodding her head. " Okay! Sounds beautiful! " I said smiling.

" Who are your bridesmaids by the way? " I asked. " You, Jennacy, Eleanor and Dani. " She replied. " Okay, we'll have to get thier sizes and them fitted. " I said. Alison nodded in agreement. For the remainder of the time until Harry and Zayn got back we chilled and watched TV. Zayn and Harry walked in drunk. " HEY BABYYYYYYY! " Zayn said slurring his words. Harry came and sat in our love seat. " Sweetheart, come sit in my lap. " Harry said to Alison. Alison giggled and walked over and plopped down onto his lap. Harry started kissing her neck and when I turned around Zayn was sitting next to me puckering his lips waiting for a kiss. I laughed, which made him open his eyes and look. " What? " He asked confused. " Your so hot. " I said smiling. Which made him slam his lips against mine crushing them. We all sat there just making out for hours.

It had been a couple of hours and Harry and Alison came from downstairs. I hadn't noticed they went up there because me and Zayn were quite busy ourselves. " Skylar, were gonna head out! See you tomorrow? " She said. " Yes! Bye! " I said. She smiled and walked out the door. " Come on babe, let's go upstairs. I'm tired. " I said. " Okay.. " He said. My legs hurt and my lower regon... " OW! " I shreiked. " What? " He asked. " YOU! " I said laughing, trying to make a pouty face. " Your not used to me yet... " He said. " Yeah.. " I said. He laughed.. " Trust me, you will. " He said winking. I plopped down on the bed and Zayn followed. I turned to face him, " I love you! " I said. " I love you too. " He said. I fell asleep with him kissing my forehead and stroking my hair.

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