Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


14. Perrie. ( Short Chapter )

I woke up to the doorbell ringing multiple times. I got up angrily from being woke up, and stomped down the stairs. It was probably the papparazi, I opened up the door and said " Yes!? " My mouth dropped when I saw who it was.. Perrie.

What is this bitch doing here?

She looked me up and down like I had 3 heads or something. " Uhmmm, why are you here? " I asked in a rude tone. " Yeah, I need to speak to Zayn please. " She said. I laughed, " Haha, funny. I really don't wanna hurt you ' Perrie ' so I suggest you turn you slutty ass around and leave. " I said. " Woah.. Chill out. I just need to pick up my panties that I left here last night. " She said with a sneer. I raised my hand just about to slap her when Zayn held my hand back. God, he was so sexy in the morning. Especially, that morning voice. " Whats going on here? " He was rubbing his eyes when he realized who it was. " What are YOU doing here? " He asked. " I just need to get my clothes here I left last night.. Before, your rude girlfriend was about to hit me. " She said acting all innocent. That made me laugh again. " Wow, okay. Uhmm, go get your shit and leave please, and Oh yeah.. Im not his girlfriend Im his fiance. " I said smiling. That made her super mad and jealous. She stomped upstairs and came back down in less than a minute.

She walked past Zayn and winked and whispered " Bye. " As she was about to walk out the door I grabbed her arm and said " Next time you flirt with him Ill find you and kick your ass, do you understand? " I said. She shook her head. I let go and slammed the door. " That stupid hoe just dont understand! " I yelled. Zayn laughed. " Your so hot when your angry. " He said winking and grabbing me and hugging me tight. He kissed my head and stroked my hair.

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