Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


13. No, no, no. This can't be happening!?

I stared in horror as I saw Perrie get up from the bed and go to the bathroom. They haven't noticed me yet. All I could do was stare, wide-eyed, jaw dropped. I started to feel dizzy and lightheaded and I collapsed on the floor.

" Skylar!? Babe, wake up! " It wasn't light outside so I guessed it was about 3:00 A.M. I remember what I saw before I blacked out. I was sitting up and Zayn was holding my back up. I looked at him tears filling my eyes and scrambled up against the wall. I buried my face into my hands, rocking back and forth, trying to shake the memory away. The pleasure he had on his face, the satisfaction and worst of all... Perrie.

He came up too me and tried to take my hands away to look him in the eye. " Don't t-touch me, Z-zayn. " I managed to get out through my sobs. He stopped trying to make me look at him and just talked. I decided to listen, just in case.. after all I was drunk. " Please, listen Skylar.. I was drunk and she was at the same club as me and she drove me home..as my designated driver a-and she invited herself in, I made myself something to eat, I thought she was gone..so I went up stairs to go to bed and she was up there.. " He said starting to cry. " Really!? " That was all I could say. I was SOO pissed. I just exploded, ignored all the tears that wanted to flow down my cheeks. " REALLY!? A week before our fucking wedding Zayn!? Really!? What did I do to deserve this.. Please tell me. " Thats when the the tears came flooding.

He tried to talk, but I didnt let him. I walked into the bedroom, shut the door and snuggled up in the covers and cried myself to sleep.


I woke up, rolling over to meet Zayn's body, but thats when I remembered making me cry all over again. I went to the bathroom and ran me a hot bath to try and soak my feelings. I got in and winced at how hot it was, but I didnt care.. nothing could be worse than what I saw. I just didn't understand why? What did I do? Making me think of this made me cry alot more. I thought to myself.. maybe killing myself will work? I tried, I prayed and went under. I tried to hold myself down underwater, but it didnt work.. I came up gasping for air.

I guess Zayn heard all the splashing and came bolting through the door. " Skylar? " He screamed.. his voice fading as I blacked out once again.

My eyes fluttered open meeting Zayns. My eyes were throbbing and in pain from so much crying. Zayn was holding me in his arms and I tried to get away, hitting, kicking, but he just held me tight. I stopped and buried my head in him sobbing and whispering " Why? Why? " I loved him with ALL my heart, and I thought he felt the same.. How are we gonna get married now? No, this cant be happening. It was just the alcohol, he would never cheat on me. Never.

 " Zayn, I loved you... " I said, not wanting to look in his eyes. " Skylar, I know thats why I feel horrible.. I love you with all my heart and the alcohol was taking control of me, and I couldnt fight it. Im sorry, so sorry. " He said crying, harder than I've ever seen him. The alcohol was cleared from my system and I had some sleep so I was able to think clearer. I looked up at him " Zayn, I love you, with all my heart. Why can't you see that? " I said this time looking into his eyes. " I do, babe. I do. Im so so sorry, PLEASE forgive me!? " He said looking at me with pleading eyes. I looked at him, I loved him so much and if we ever seperated I dont know what I'd do.. " Of course, Zayn. Of course! " I whispered. He leaned down and kissed me soft but very passionate. He was rocking me like a baby and wouldnt let go of me or my lips. He finally let go, " Babe, Im so sorry. I love you SO much. " He said kissing my forehead, multiple times.

" All im gonna say, is when I see that bitch, she better run. " I said balling my fists up. He laughed. " I love you Skylar Renae Malik. " He said kissing me.


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