Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


18. Honeymoon! (Kinda sexual)

I woke up to Zayn packing a bag. I rubbed my eyes, confused because it was 5:00 A.M. " Good, your awake. I didnt wanna wake you, you looked so peaceful. " He said smiling. " Anyway, come on! We have to go to the airport for our honeymoon. " He said. " I don't feel like getting dressed... but, where are we going? " I asked. " Its a surprise! " He said, doing the half smile I absolutely love.

When we got to the airport a couple of girls came running. Zayn took pictures, cause I was looking to bad to be on camera. We ALMOST missed our flight, but then we made it.

I was very tired, so I fell asleep on Zayn's shoulder.

I woke up, from the plane bumping and moving around... but it was only from the land. I looked around for any sign of where we were, and I saw ' Hawaii Airport ' " OH MY GOD! " I screamed. " Shhh! " He said smiling. " Were still on the plane. " Woops. " Oh my god! " I squealed quietly. He laughed.

We got on a boat to our secret get-a-way. I saw a little island with A HUGE nice house. I thought I'd be pretty used to nice things.. but holy shit! This was crazy! We got off at the dock and I was just so stunned at this. I spun around looking at everything. The house was white and had light wood on the outside trimming the border. The dock was huge, it traveled around the whole house.

Zayn grabbed my hand and said " Let's go inside. " I smiled. " Zayn, your amazing! " I said. He kissed me in reply. We walked inside and it was gorgeous. It had wood floor, a HUGE bed, nice master bathroom and everything was just amazing!

The flight was about 8 hours long.. so it was 1:00. I REALLY wanted to go swimming, the water looked nice. It was so clear and blue. " Babe! Do you wanna go swimming? " I asked smiling. " Yeah, why not! " He replied. Zayn used to not be able to swim, but then he took swimming lessons and now he can! I picked out my 2 piece white bathing suit. It was just plain white and it was a halter top. Zayn had on his regular black ones.

We were walking and all of sudden Zayn picked me up and started running and we jumped in together. The water felt great. I went to where I could touch and Zayn followed me. He looked really sexy. His hair was wet and dripping down, and his abs.... I was staring and he caught me. " Whatcha looking at, love? " He said winking. I bit my lip. " Im trying to contain myself right now, but wait till tonight babe. " He said. I laughed, " Alright! "

I got out and was drying my hair off, I wrapped the towel around my body and walked inside leaving Zayn outside. I hopped in the shower so I could wash off this beach smell.


It was night time... about 10:00. " Baaabeeee! " Zayn called. " Whaaat? " I replied. " Let's go night swimming! " He said. " Uh-uh. Sharks come out at this time of the night. " I said. " Come on! Nothings gonna happen. " He pleaded. " FINE! " Its like his eyes mesmerize me.

I sat at the edge and Zayn came and sat beside me. " Babe, im so lucky to have you. " He said. I looked over at him and he looked at my lips, and back at my eyes then kissed me. We got up and jumped in. I came back up before him and he wasnt coming up. Calling his name wouldnt help, because hes underwater and most likely playing a trick on me. Underwater, he put my legs on his shoulders and came up for air. " ZAYN! Get me down!! Im freezing! " I screamed. " Okay, okay! " He said. " Thank you. " He came up to me and wrapped his hands around me to keep me warm. " I love you babe. " He whispered. " I love you too. " I said. " Do you remember how we first met? " I asked, smiling. " Yep! Best day ever. It was a florida concert, and I saw you. I told Paul to come and get you. You brought Jennacy with you, I remember. Thats when Niall and Jenna got together too. Anyway, when you walked in I knew I had to have you. " He said. " AWE BABE! " I said. He kissed me.

We walked inside and I took another shower, but just to rinse off and Zayn came in there too.

He got out first, and just layed down on the bed, and I put on a bra and underwear. I walked out and Zayn bit his lip, " Skylar, get over here now! " He was always so demanding when he is horny, but I liked it.  I slid into bed, and Zayn climbed on top of me.. and started kissing me. He slid his hands across my back and unbuckled my bra. He tossed it on the floor. He started kissing my neck, my weakness, which made me stifle out a moan. He kept going down my body, and stopped. He came back kissing my neck and whispering " Are you used to me yet? " I bit my lip.. " Yep! " I said confidently. I didnt really know if I was though, I just wanted him, all of him. He took off my underwear and made his way inside.. inch by inch. I had to bite my lip from not screaming. It hurt so bad, but I didnt care. He was going harder now and a tear fell down. I couldnt hold it in any longer. He hit my g-spot and I screamed so loud. He kissed me to stop from screaming. " Shhh " He whispered into my ear.

 " That was great, babe. " I said. " Yeah, it was. " We fell asleep.

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