Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


4. Girls Day!

Skylars P.O.V.

 I woke up the next day by the sound of " With Ur Love " by Cher Lloyd. It woke zayn up too. " Good Morning beautiful! " He said, with his sexy morning voice. I smiled, " Good Morning babe! " Then, i pecked him on the lips. I unlocked my phone to see what jennacy said. It read, " Girls day today! What do ya think? Dani and El said yes! " In reply, i said " Sure, sounds great! What time? And where are we going? " A couple minutes later she replied with " 12:15 and were gonna go to Crispers for lunch, then were gonna get our manis and pedis. " I replied " Sounds fine with me! See you in 2 hours! " I was STARVING, and i couldnt wait till 2 more hours to eat. " Zayn, are you hungry? " I asked. " STARVING! " He replied. I went downstairs and started cooking. Eggs, bacon and, toast, sounds yummy to me! I finished cooking and grabbed 2 plates, cups and, forks. I put the food on the table and made a glass of water for me and milk for zayn. " Thanks, babe. This is great! " He said. " Your welcome! Anything for you! " I said. As i was doing the dishes, my phone vibrated. I looked on the counter and it said Alison. OMG, i havent talked to her in forever! She was like my bestfriend! I used to live by her but then i moved in with zayn. She lives across town. " Hey skylar! I havent talked to you in awhile! What are you doing today? " She said. " Im going out with some of my friends in 2 hours, you can come if you want! " I replied. Almost instantly, she said " Sounds great! What time should i be at your house? " I Replied, " 11:45 " " Okay, see you soon! " She said.

Zayns P.OV.

" Hey love, are you doing anything today? " I asked. " Yes, im going out with Jennacy, Dani and, El. My old friend that i havent seen in forever is coming too! Remember Alison? " She replied. " Yeah, i do. Okay, well im gonna go out with harry! " I said. " Okay, thats fine! What time? " She asked. "Probably around 12:45-1:00." I replied. " Okay, babe. " I walked up to her and kissed her. " I love you! " I said. " I love you too, babe! "

Skylars P.O.V.

I got in the shower. That took about 25 minutes. After i got out, i picked out my outfit. It was shorts, a tanktop with a blue half plaid jacket that rolls up to my elbows and black flipflops. I decided to straighten my hair. I walked downstairs and asked zayn " How do i look? " His reply, " Hot, like always! " He got up and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me, it was going good until a knock on the door interupted us. We got so into it we didnt realize we were on the couch and my jacket came off. He went to go get it while i put my jacket back on. " Hello, sweetheart. " It was harry. " HARRY! " I ran over to him and hugged him. " Someones happy to see me! " " Of course!! " He laughed. Then sat on the couch. Zayn whispered in my ear, " We'll finish this later... " Then winked at me. God he is so hot. * 25 minutes later * * KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK * " Ill go get it! " I said. As soon as i opened the door she almost knocked me over! " Skylar, ive missed you so much!!! " She said. " Ive missed you too alpal! " Thats what i used to call her, we laughed. She has gotten so much prettier. Her was straigh and she was wearing a Loose grey shirt with a blue tanktop underneath and white shorts with sandals. I took her into the living room. " Zayn, you remeber alison! " I said. " Yes, i do. Hello alison! How are you? " He asked. " Im great, thanks! " She replied. I looked at harry and he was biting his lip. Alison laughed. I gave him a little slap. " HARRY! " I said. " What? This girl is beatiful. Whats your name love? " Alison let out a little giggle. " My name is Alison. " She said with a wink. " You have a beautiful name, Alison. " He said. " Thank you! " She said. " Can we PLEASE go were gonna be late! " I said to alison tugging her.

Alisons P.OV.

OMG. I cant believe Harry Styles said i have a beautiful name AND he called me beautiful. I really like him. And not just because hes in One Direction. 

Harrys P.O.V.

Alison. She was gorgeous, her hair, her body and, her face. All perfect! Her smile is beautiful. I may not be single for long. ;)

Skylars P.O.V.

We were on our way, to crispers when alison turned down the radio and said " Does Harry like me? " She asked. " Probably, he has NEVER done that to any girl that he has liked. NEVER! Yall would be like the cutest couple! " I said in reply. " I hope he does, cause i like him and not just because hes in One Direction. Theres something about him that gives me a feeling that ive never had with anyone else. " She said. " AWEEE, alpals in loveeeeee! " I said. She just smiked and got red. We pulled into crispers and Dani, El and, Jennacy were waiting for us. WE walked up and they all said hi to alison. We were about to walk inside when a couple of teenage girls ran toward us. They asked for autographs, of course! We gave autogrphs to them and took pictures with them and went inside. We all ordered the same thing which was Grilled chicken salad with a sweet tea. We had to eat fast because our Mani Pedi appointment was at 1:15. We finished up and walked down to " Nails. " It was in the same plaza as crispers so that was a good thing. Me and Jenna got french tip on both toes and nails, and the rest of the girls got a solid color with a design. We got finished so we decided to head back home.

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