Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


22. Getting Ready


I slept in till about 10:00. Alison's wedding was at 3:00, so I had 6 hours. I decided to just go to Alisons and chill until it was time to get ready. I put on a tan loose button up sleeveless shirt, with floral high waisted shorts with a skinny pink belt. I didn't bother putting on make-up or doing my hair.. it was gonna be done later anyway!


I knocked on Alison's door..waiting. She opened the door, and it looked like she just woke up. " BESTFRIEND! " I screamed, smiling. " What the hell? I was sleeping. " She said kind of annoyed. " Alison... TODAY IS YOUR WEDDING! " I yelled. " HOLY SHIT! IT IS!!!!! " She yelled back. " That would probably explain why Harry is gone. Probably knew that he had to go. " She said nodding her head. " Probably! " I said laughing. " Well, are you gonna let me come in? " I asked. " Oh yeah! " She said laughing.

I walked in and plopped down on her tan leather couch. " Im gonna go put on some decent clothes.. not my pajamas. " She said laughing. I decided to call the girls because they needed to be here too!

Alison walked back down in a blue shirt that tied up in the front and jean high waisted shorts. " Hey, I called the girls and told them to come over.. " I said. " Ok! " She said.

It was now 12:00 and us girls were out on Alison's balcony, watching the people set up the wedding in her back yard, while waiting for the make-up and hair stylist to come.

" SHE'S HERE! " I screamed. They rushed downstairs and said there greetings. " Okay! Let's get started. " Amber said. (The name of the stylist). Alison went first, of course. When, she was finished it was my turn. " ALISON! GOD DAMMIT. IM SO JEALOUS OF YOU! " I yelled laughing. " Shut up! " was her reply. She had two pieces of her hair pinned up and the rest of her hair was curled, her make-up looked really good too. All of us bridesmaids had our hair curled and in up-dos. It was really cute. We walked in to Alison's room, where we found her looking in the mirror, smiling.

" MY BESTFRIEND'S GETTING MARRIED! " I said tearing up. I ran over to her and hugged her lightly. I dabbed my eyes so the tear wouldn't fall, ruining some of my make-up. " I know! I can't believe it!!!! " She said smiling. All of us girls did a little group hug and went to the door to walk through..

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