Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


19. Flipped..

Our honeymoon was great, those three nights....were fantastic. We packed up all of our things and we sat on the dock waiting for our boat to come to bring us back. Ive always been terrified of all sorts of boats. Canoes, kayaks, BIG boats. Every type of boat. I was always afraid that they would flip, or we'd get stranded or something crazy, but thankfully nothing ever happened.

Our boat came and this one was sturdy so I didn't really have any doubts. But, when I got on and off it always shook but that's normal for boats. I had this feeling that something was gonna happen but I just shook it off.

Zayn got in first so he could help me in. He took all my bags and then grabbed me by the waist and pulled me in. We started going and my hair was blowing which kinda aggravated me so I put on my sunhat. It was probably around a 30 minute ride till we got back to the main island, so we were almost there cause it had already been about 15 minutes.

We were going fast and the waves were bouncing us so I was practically being lifted in and out of my seat like every second, and I didnt like that. I could tell we were almost there because there were alot of rocks. The boatman usually slowed down at the rocks and he didnt. I got a worried look on my face and Zayn noticed. " Babe,whats wrong? " He asked sympathetically. " Im terrified of boats, Zayn.. a-and he's not slowing down at the rocks. " I said. " Its ok, love. Ill tell him. " He said smiling.

" Hey! " He shouted. He didnt move. This man fell asleep! Zayn went over and shook him. " Huh? " The boatman asked. " My wife is scared, could you please slow down? " He asked. As soon as he was about too, we hit a rock and Zayn flipped out on the side of the boat. " ZAYN! " I screamed. " STOP THE BOAT! " I looked around and I saw him pulling himself onto a rock. " Over there! Go NOW! " I demanded. We made our way carefully but quickly to Zayn. He was sitting on the rock examining his leg.. then I saw blood. Oh no!

He looked up and saw me crying. " Get in the boat. " The boatman said bluntly. He climbed in with my help and I sat him down. " Shows that you shouldn't have been standing up. " The boatman said. " Excuse me? Shut the HELL up. You shouldn't of been asleep. Maybe, he wouldn't have been standing up, now would he? Now, turn your ass around and take us to the island. " I said. I looked at him then his leg which he was holding. " You must've sliced it on a rock. Im sorry, babe. " I said hugging him. " Why are you apologizing? " He asked. " Because.. if I wouldn't have complained about the boat ride, then you wouldn'tve had to get up and tell the boatman. " I said, looking down. " Skylar, it's not your fault. I wasn't gonna sit here and let you be scared. " He said looking at me. He grabbed my face and we were sitting nose to nose he whispered " I love you. " Then kissed me.

The boatman interrupted by saying " Your here. " I did not like his attitude.

Yep... Im never going on a boat again.



~Authors note~ This chapter wasn't that great.. It was kinda cheesy. Lol, tell me whatcha think. :)

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