Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


15. Dinner Date

" ZAYN! HURRY UP!!! " It was 7:00 and we had to be at the restraunt by 8:00 and he was taking forever in the shower. He walked out, with only a towel covering half of his body. He was standing there water falling down his sexy abs. It gave me shivers. " There ya go! " He said. " Thanks babe. " I took a short shower and picked out my clothes. I decided to wear a pink tanktop with a white skirt covered in pink flowers. I put on a little bit of make-up and curled my hair. I looked cute.

" Come on! We have 15 mins to get there. " We walked out the house and Zayn was driving so, I hopped in the passenger seat. I put in ' Take Me Home ' and turned it on ' Little Things '.  Zayn started singing to me, which made me blush. " Im in love with you... and all your little things! " He sang softly. " Aweeeeeee, Zayn! Your so sweet babe! " I said giving him a kiss on his cheek.

We pulled into the parking lot and I got a little excited. This was my last Dinner Date with Zayn as Skylar Grinslade. In 1 more day I'll be Skylar Malik.

We walked in and it was such a beautiful place. We got an outside table, and it was quite chilly. " You cold, love? " He asked. I nodded my head. " Here. " He said while taking off his varsity jacket. " This is beautiful Zayn! " I said. " Anything for you, love. " He said sweetly. The waitress came and it was a brown haired girl and she was pretty... and flirting with Zayn. This is a problem. " Hey, hun! What drink would you like? " She said smiling. Zayn knew she was flirting but didnt pay attention to it. " Uhmmm, a water. What about you babe? " He said. The waitress rolled her eyes and turned to me. " A Dr. Pepper, please. " She didnt say anything to me, but turned back to Zayn. " Okay, ill be right back with you drinks. "

" Okay, here you are! " She set my drink down and his. " What would you like to eat? " She asked. " I would like a steak with mashed potatoes, and mac n cheese. " I said. " Okay, and you? " She turned to Zayn and asked. " Uhmm, The same. " He replied.

The food came and I had to admit the food was great! Zayn thought so too. We left and when we got in the car, Zayn started the car and grabbed my hand. We rode hand in hand to the house. It was only about 10, when we got home. I got a text.. from Alison.

Bestfriend. <3: Hey! Come over!!! Everyones over here :D

Me: Okay, let me ask Zayn if he wants too :)

" Babe? " I asked. " Yes? " He replied. " You wanna go over to Alison's? Everyone's over there. Plus, you'll get to see Harry. You haven't talked to him in a while. " I said. " No...... I don't feel like it. Im sorry babe. " He said. " Thats fine. "

Me: He said he doesn't feel like it.. Sorry. :(

Bestfriend. <3: Okayy :( Thats fine.

Thinking about It, I actually was very tired. I wiped off all my make-up, and crawled into bed. Zayn came in and snuggled up with me. I couldn't help but smile, tomorrow I'm getting married to the love of my life!! Zayn kissed my head, and whispered " Get some rest babe, we have a BIG day tomorrow! "

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