Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


12. Club

I woke up with a smile on my face! I was so excited, I couldnt hardly sleep last night! Zayn, was still sleeping and he woke up. " Why are you so jittery this morning? " He said. " Uhmm, BECAUSE! Today is our bachelor and bachelorette parties!!! " I said excitedly. " Ughhh. " He moaned. He is definitely not a morning person. I woke up and went downstairs. It sucks because our parties aren't until tonight! 

* 7 hours later *

I had two hours to get ready, so did Zayn. I took a shower and shaved my legs and when I got out I brushed my hair and started to find an outfit. I found a black tight skin dress with a gold lightening bolt across the middle. I pulled on some sparkly gold stilettos, and a gold bracelet with a gold necklace. I curled my hair and put on some nuetral color eyeshadow with mascara and clear lip gloss. Zayn walked in from the bathroom looking HOT as always. He was wearing a white tanktop with jeans, nike high-tops and his hair was in a quiffish swirl. I couldn't help but too feel jealous, If strippers were gonna be all over him.. I wasnt gonna be happy. But, Im going to a club.. so I can't say anything. I looked at him, and he was looking me up and down while biting his lip. " Babe, I dont know if I want you to go anywhere, I'm kinda wanting you to myself. " He said while he grabbed me by my waist, and kissed me.

When, he let his tounge slid into my mouth I knew I had to stop it, cause this will get WAY out of control if I dont. " Babe, not right now.. The girl's are about to be here. " He sighed and pulled away. " Okay, okay. " He stepped away, and sat down on the bed. Speaking of the girls Alison just texted me and said " Hey, we're here! HURRY!!! " I quickly kissed Zayn on the lips and grabbed my clutch and rushed out the door.

We pulled into the parking lot of Club Diamond. As we were standing in the VIP line, I now noticed what the girls were wearing. Alison was wearing a gold sparkly dress with an open back, black heels and tight fitted and short. Also, her hair was straightened. Dani was wearing a one strap, tight and short cheetah design dress with black heels and her hair was curly like usual. Eleanor was wearing a mid-thigh halter top floral dress, with flats. Shes not really the party kind of girl. Jennacy was wearing a SHORT dress that was loose at the top and tight at the bottom with navy blue stilettos. Her hair was curled also. We all looked HOT! It was our turn to go in. The man, his name is Jimmy, was an old friend of mine. He looked at the list and said " All of yall are in... except Skylar. Sorry, guys! " I looked at him and smiled. " Im just messin' with yall! Go have a good time. " I looked at the doors, and the security guard opened them and we walked in.

When we walked in, there were already LOADS of people. It was hot and stuffy but I didnt care, I was here to PARTAYYY! We got a couple shots, and me and Alison were getting tipsy. I walked out on the dance floor screaming " COME ON GUYS! GRIIIIIND LINE! " I was slurring my words, and no doubt making a fool out of myself but I was happy so thats all that matters. We were in the middle of the dance floor dancing our asses off and " Pop That " came on. I immediatley started dancing much harder, in the grind line it was Me, Alison, Jenna, Dani and El. Guys from the crowd started yelling and cheering us on.

By the time the club was closing I was WASTED! All of us were, but not El she was our designated driver. I got in the car, still screaming and laughing at I dont know what, and Alison was crying she was laughing so hard. Jennacy and Dani got dropped off already and Alison was about to get dropped off. I looked at Alison and said " Alison, I fucking love you. You are truly the bestest friend ever. Okay? " I said. " FUCK YEAH! " She screamed. We started busting out laughing, I love this girl. It was Alisons turn to get dropped off, " BYE, ALISON! " I screamed as she got out the car. " BYE! " She screamed back.

I walked into my house, the lights were off. I guess Zayn wasn't here yet. I took off my heels and walked upstairs, tripping on the last one which made me laugh really hard. I opened the door to a HUGE shock that made a lump form in my throat. My night was no longer great.. it was horrible.

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