Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


16. BIG DAY!

I woke up too Jennacy and Alison shaking me. " WAKE UP, GOD DAMMIT!! " They screamed. " Huh... Ohh, IM AWAKE! " I said. " Everythings already in the car, JUST COME ON. " Jennacy said. I quickly ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. They were already in the car. I rushed downstairs and Alison was driving and Jennacy was in the passenger seat. I jumped in the backseat and we rushed to the beach.

When we got there, there was barely anyone there. Only some papparazzi's and beauticians. I ran to the dressing tent and started getting dressed. I slipped on my dress. I looked in the full size mirror, and smiled. Im getting married, to Zayn. Wow..

I sat down and a beautician named Vanessa, started doing my make-up. She caked my face in foundation, and put on a silvery eye shadow and did my mascara. Then she started doing my hair. I Had two pieces from the side pinned up and the rest curled down. The girls walked in, in their bridesmaid dresses. Alison, my maid of honor, didnt walk in yet. She always took her time! Danielle shrieked, " SKYLAR! You look gorgeous!! " The other girls agreed. " Thanks guys! Yall do too. " Alison walked in, and her jaw dropped when she saw me as mine did too. " Alison.. You look gorgeous! " I said. " Thanks! You look stunning.. " She said. I hugged her.

* 1 hour later *

Oh my gosh, it's almost time.... AHHH! I have mixed emotions right now. Im so excited yet Im so nervous. Thats natural right? Okay, just breathe Skylar... you'll be okay!

"  Good luck girls! " I call after them. Alison and Harry go first. Then, Jennacy and Niall, Dani and Liam, and Eleanor and Louis. Here it goes.

The doors are held open for me and my dad. We walk down the aisle, arms linked together as I look around I notice whos here. In the front row, My mom sitting next to Alison's mom who is sitting next to Jennacys mom. Then... my brother. Also, all of my old highschool and middle school friends. On, Zayn's side Zayn's little sister Safaa smiles at me and gives me the thumbs up. Then, I meet Zayns eyes. He's wearing a tux and his hair is quiffed up. He's smiling, and I'm smiling and I tear up. This is the happiest moment of my life.


The doors swing open and out comes Skylar. Shes beautiful, and I start to tear up a bit. The way her curls bounce when she walks, and her bright beautiful smile, her dress the way it fits her and flows down... just her. She walks up the steps and I can tell she's teared up too. I mouth the words " You look beautiful " and she smiles.


My dad goes to sit down next to my mom and I walk up the steps. Zayn mouths the words " You look beautiful. " and I smile. The preacher man tells us to say our vows. Zayn goes first.

" Skylar, I love you so much. If i EVER lost you, or if anything ever happened to you. Id be broken and nothing could ever fix me. You are my world, and I'm so happy we are together. I love you sweetheart. " He says.

A tear falls down my cheek and I smile. " Your turn, miss. " The preacher man says. " Zayn, I love you to pieces. Your my baby and you complete me. I love you babe. " I say. He wipes a tear away before it falls.

" Zayn, do you take Skylar, as your wife, to love and to hold and help when sick, and love till death do you part? " He asked. " I do. " He says. " Skylar, do you take Zayn. as your husband to love and to hold and help when sick, and love till death do you part? " He asked. " I  do. " I say.

" You may now, kiss the bride. " I lean in and Zayn grabs my face and pulls me into the softest but most passionate kiss ever.  He lets go of me and says " I love you Skylar Malik! " I smile A HUGE SMILE, and say " I love you too, Zayn. "

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