Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


6. Beach Day!

Skylars P.O.V.

Today was beach day! * RIIIIIINGG RIIIIIIINGG * I reached over and turned off my alarm. " Ughhhh, its too early! " I said. " I agree! " Zayn said startling me. I didnt know he was awake. He rolled back over and tried to go back asleep. " Zayn, you HAVE to get up!! " I said. " Noooo. " He whined. " Ill give you till im out of the shower. " I said. He didnt answer. I got up from bed and took about a 25 minute shower. I was finished in about 10 minutes, but i just like to soak up all the warm water and relax a bit. I got out and went to the room and wrapped a towel around me. I went over to zayn and pushed him a bit " Babe, get up! " I said. " Ughhhh. " He moaned. He then rolled out of bed. He jumped in the shower. I just put on some sweats and a loose shirt and packed a beach bag. I packed 2 towels, tanning oil and some snacks. It was now 8:00. I went to my closet and picked out a black half shirt and shorts. I threw my bathing suit on, which was  a strapless hotpink top with a bow in the front and black bottoms. Then threw my other clothes on top. Then, threw my hair up in a messy bun.

Zayns P.O.V.

I got out the shower and came to put my swimming trunks on. It was just black and white. Then threw on a white tanktop. I decided not to do my quiff, because i knew it would get messed up anyway.

Skylars P.O.V.

I got a text from Alison saying " Are you ready to leave yet? Harry and me are ready, Dani and Liam are ready, Jennacy and Niall are ready and, Lou and El are ready. Were all waiting for you and zayn! " " Okay, were ready! " she didnt answer. " ZAYN, WE HAVE TO GO NOW! " I shouted. " Okay, im ready. " We walked out to zayns car, he drove. We were meeting everyone at Mcdonalds for breakfast, just a quick stop. We pulled in we got out, everyone was already here. " FINALLY! " Lou said. " Oh shuttup lou! " zayn said playfully punching him. We got our food, sat down and ate quickly. None of us felt like meeting any fans this early in the morning. We LOVE all our fans, but we are just not in the mood. We finished and headed back to our cars. " We'll see yall in a bit! " Jennacy said. I smiled. I love her, she is so nice and sweet! * 2 HOURS LATER * " YAY WERE HERE! " I said to zayn. " Yayy. " He said sarcastically. Uh, oh. I forgot he doesnt know how to swim. " Awee, babe. Im sorry, i forgot you didnt know how to swim.. Are you gonna go in at least where you can touch? " I asked. " Yeah, i will. " He replied. I leaned over and pecked him on the cheek. We got out, and we met up with Jennacy and NIall and, Harry and Alison. The other two couples hadnt gotten here yet. " Are yall excited? " Alison asked. " Of, course! " Me and jennacy said on  que. NIall turned to jennacy and pecked her on the lips. " You look so pretty, love. " he said sweetly. " Thanks! " They were so adorable. Harry and alison and me and Zayn were just looking in awe. " What? " NIall asked. " Yall are just so adorable! " Liam and Dani and Louis and Eleanor pulled up at the same time. When they got out i asked " Ready guys? " YEAH!!! " They all screamed. That caused some attention. A couple of teenage girls ran over too us. " Sorry, guys can we have a day without screaming fans, PLEASE? " Louis asked. " Yeah! " They all said with disappointment in their voices. I took off my clothes and zayn whistled. I laughed. " I LOVE that bathing suit on you! " Dani said. " Thanks! " She is so gorgeous. We all went in the water. IT WAS FREEZING. I went over to zayn and held his hand as we went deeper. When it was about over my boobs i stopped. Zayn pulled me close to his muscely body which made me warm. I looked up at him and he leaned down and kissed me. When we pulled apart i looked to see what everyone else was doing. Alison and Harry were making out, the rest were just splashing around. It was 2:00. We've been here for A LONG TIME, so we decided to leave. When we got home, i was SUPER tired and so was zayn so we went upstairs to take a nap. I got in one of his shirts and climbed into bed he cuddled up with me making me warm which made me fall asleep fast.

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