Let me love you

Skylar was just an ordinary girl, but when she met Zayn Malik her life changed forever...


20. Back Home.

We opened our door, and I walked to the couch and plopped down. Zayn came and sat beside me, with his leg bandaged up. Before, we left we went to a doctor in Hawaii and he said it'll heal, it's just cut open, but he'll have to keep it elevated. I feel so bad for him. " You ok, babe? " I asked. " Yeah, it's stil a little sore though. " He replied. He gave me a weak smile. " Im gonna go unpack everything. " I said. " I'll help. " He said getting up from the couch. " No, no, no! " I said smiling. " Just rest, Zayn. " He nodded in reply.

I went upstairs and unloaded our suitcases piling everything on the dirty clothes pile. I ran a load in the wash and then I decided to call Alison and see if she wanted to come over.

" Hey! "

" Hey, Skylar! How was your honeymoon? "

" It was great, thanks. You wanna come over? "

" Yeaaaaah. Can I bring Harry? "

" Of course! "

" OK. See you in a about 30 mins. "


I ran downstairs and told Zayn. " Babe, Alison and Harry are coming over. " I said. " Ok, thats fine. " I gave him a quick peck and went to the kitchen. " Zayn.. Do you want anything to drink? " I asked. " Yeah, sure. A waters fine. " He replied. I made myself a glass and him. I walked over and sat on the couch. " Here you go. " I said giving him the glass. I turned on the TV and flipped through the channels.. and ' Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory ' was on, so we decided to watch that.


" COMING " I yelled. I walked over to the door and opened it. " Thank you Jesus! It's starting to get chilly. " Alison said. It was. But, I was happy about that, I love the cold. " HARRY! " I shouted and hugged him. I dont know why, but I love him. Not like I love Zayn.. but as a bestfriend type thing. He's just so great, Alison's a lucky girl. " Were gonna go upstairs. " I told Harry and Zayn. " Okay, babe. " Zayn said.

We sat down on the bed and Alison poured out all her questions. " Ok... How was it? Was it nice? Did ya'll ha- " I cut her off. " ALISON! Hold your horses. " I said laughing. " It was fantastic, and YES it was more than nice it was GORGEOUS! And.. DUUUUH! Haha, it was great too. " I said. She laughed. " Did you see Zayn's leg? " I asked. " No.... What happened? " She replied. " Come down, he'll show you. "

" ZAAAYN! Oh my gosh. What did you do? " She ran over and sat down next to him.. waiting. He laughed. " Alison.. I'm ok. Its just cut open. " He replied. " I want to know, WHAT HAPPENED? " She said, demandingly. " We were on the boat, on the way home and I stood up and when I did the driver slammed on his brakes and I fell in and it was where all the rocks were, so my leg got cut. " He said. Alison, looked at his leg then to him, then at me. " Aweeeee! Im so sorry, Zayn. " She said sympathetically. " I told you I'm ok. " He said.

Hours passed and it was late. " Babe? " Harry asked Alison. They were adorable. Alison had her head in his lap and he was stroking her hair. " Yes? " She replied. " You ready to go? " He asked. " Yeah. " They got up and Zayn fell asleep already. Alison had her head rested on his shoulder with her hands wrapped around him and Harry had one arm wrapped around her waist. " Were gonna go... " Alison said. " Okay! Have a safe drive. " I said. I walked them to the door and when they left I locked it.

I shook Zayn. " Babe..? " I asked trying to wake him up. " Huuuuuh? " He said stretching and yawning. " Lets go upstairs. Alison and Harry just left. " I said. " Ok.. " He said drifting back into sleep. I walked to the closet and grabbed a blanket. I laid my head in his lap and put the blanket over me and fell asleep.

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