u and me


5. the date

After he asked me to hang out we talked alot i know every thing about him now and i told him every thing about my it was 7 when he left and i had to get ready. I took a quick shower washed my face and put my hair  in a curly braid. I put on blue eyeliner and black to brighten up my blue eyes bronzer on my cheek bones and applied pink shiny lip gloss on. Now my outfit kacey was still here and she helped me out.Light blue ripped skinny jens my knitted black tank a pair of black wedged boots and a leather peace sign bracelet. 

"omg" kacey said

"what is something wrong omg tell me"i said worried

"u look awesome"she said

"y thank you" i said with a smile  

"Now its your turn to get ready"i said she had her hair in a pretty pony tail black smokie eye pink blush,and clear lip gloss.

"ok OK"she said excitedly 

I pulled out a pretty shirt that had flowers on it skinny jeans and a pair of black flats.The door rang i looked at my clock on my wall crap it was 9 i still have to brush my teeth and put on ax for girls.

"kacey can u stall jake for like 5 mins i have to brush my teeth and put ax on"i said with a i oh you one look

"fine ill get the door but hurry up i dont want to talk for long"kacey said 

i ran to the bathroom well not really ran i had wedges on so it was more like a trying to run thing.

POV kacey 

Ugh really i dont want to talk to him i thought as i walked down the stairs trying not to break my ankle in the freaking wedges ugh. I reached the door and opened it,

"hey "kacey said luckily we all whent to school together and i already have talked to him but that was in a group and now im alone with him ugh really rachel thanks you know im shy.

"heyy kacey is rachel here" he said with a confused look

"yea shell be doen in a minute"i said

"ok thanks ill just wait out here tell her to come out side  when shes done"he said with a smile

"yea shore no problem" i said i wallked up stairs and told rachel what he said she said ok and walked down the steps.Now its my turn for a date one more hour and  matt will be here.

POV rachel 

I walked down the steps well more like ran i was so excited. I got to the door and looked out the little window i saw him he was pacing back and forth was he nervous oh god he was. He had a shirt that said cool story bro and black skinny jeans and his hair was spiked. I opened the door and he looked at me for i little then smiled.

"hey"he said with a half smile 

"hey how are you"i said 

"great now"he said 

"heheh"i giggled i little and so did he 



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