u and me


2. lunch

  The day had bin going pretty good and me and kacey had all the same classes!! As we walked to lunch i spotted this guy 6 foot surffer blond hair and blue eyes he was supper cute. i started to stare and kacey shook my arm ''earth to rachel hello what are you looking at'' i got bright red and started to smile '' oh nothing'' she gave me the i know you like him look. We both laughed and god are food. We sat down at an empty table and then he he was walking over here was he coming to talk to us my hart started pounding. He was he asked if he could sit down clearly looking at me when he asked. 

''may i sit down''he said 

'' sure'' i said 

''thanks''he said 

'' this is my friend kacey'' i said kacey looked up from her phone and just flashed him a quick smile 

''you know i saw you starring at me over there in line for food'' he said as he slightly blushed and laughed 

  I couldn't reply so i just smiled. We all talked for the rest of the lunch period and we found out his name it was Jake. On the way home kacey and i talked the hole way home she was sleeping over so we had more time to talk and hang out. We arrived to my house and we both went to my room i grabbed my laptop. Logged into face book and found a friend request. 

'' i wander who that could be'' kacey said 

'' oh stop it'' i said as i tossed a pillow at her with i laugh 

'' accept'' i said as i pressed the button 

A chat popped up on the bottom right corner of my apple lap top. It  was jake Yes!!!..


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