u and me


3. kaceys match

That night me and Kacey talked to Jake for over an hour he was so sweet. Kacey finally had told me who she liked his name was Mathew but we all call him Matt for short. Every one called me a match maker cause i always tried to fix people up its really funny to be honest.  Me and Matt were pretty good friends and i already new he liked her. So i texted Matt the great news.     


'' heyy matt so i have some great news text back asap'' i texted  about 20 minutes latter my phone rang good thing kacey was asleep cause if she wasnt i would be dead! 

''heyy is every thing okay?'' matt texted

'' yea every things good, so you know how you said you liked kacey'' i texted

'' yea'' matt texted

'' well i found out she likes you too'' i texted

It was a Friday night and i always stayed up late. I never got a text back till the next morning.

''hey sorry i was thinking alot last night and then i fell asleep'' matt 

'' heyy its cool'' i said 

POV kacey 

I sleeped over rachels house and i feel asleep early. I woke up to a text from matt.

''heyy so umm can i talk to you'' matt

''hey yea you okayy'' kacey 

''yea fine so i heard you like me '' matt

''hahaha umm who told you'' kacey 

'' a little bird'' matt 

'' hehehe awwh thats funny ik rachel told you im going to kill her jk jk'' kacey

'' hahaha dont do that im actually really happy she told you'' matt

''really why'' kacey

'' cause i like you too wanna hang tomorrow?" matt

''yea sure what time" kacey


"sounds great"kacey 

POV Rachel 

i heard a knock on the front door i walled down my steps. Opened the door and saw jake standing there with his big blue eyes surfer hair and a big smile. 

"hey'' i said 

''hey'' he said with a smile 

''what are you doing here'' i said 

''i came to see you'' jake said 

'' come in '' i said with i smile 

 he was here to see me Yes!! 

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