u and me


1. 1st day of school

    It was September 6 and my first day of school summer had just ended and i was so upset well until i met him. So ill start at the beginning. BEEP BEEP BEEP it was 7 ugh first day of school i woke up to my dreaded alarm clock brushes my long brown hair it was i little curly with golden blond streaks. We had a uniform so i didn't have to pick out the perfect outfit for my first day. I washed my face and applied a fresh make up. I smelt the amazing breakfast cooking it was eggs,and hash browns Yay. I rain down stares and at my breakfast supper quick cause i was late and one of my best friends were coming to pick me up. the door bell rang i threw my bag over my shoulder gave my mom and dad a kiss on the check and rain to the door.

''hey there bestie ready for the first day of school'' i said 

she was on her phone a usual and she nodded slightly with a grin

'' im always ready silly'' kacey said kacey had brown hair like mine blue eyes and always smiled we have bin beast friends for a long while now and have none each other for 8 years.

    We began walking it was about 5 blocks from my house but we loved the fresh air. Rachel kacey said with her face expression becoming more sad then usual. 

'' what if were not in the same class together this year its going to be so lonely without you'' kacey said 

'' well thats just something we will have to deal with'' i said

We were starting school high school.We both smiled and looked at each other we were hear we said at the exact same time gmta we both screamed ( good mines think alike) we made it up a few years ago


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