This is just another poem I have thought of nothing special


1. Nightmares

I lay on the ground,

Observing the shattered pieces

Of my heart on the floor 

I'll stay there awhile 

Until you put it back together.

And rip it out once more


I don't know how I 

Let you hurt me 

over and over again

You make it seem like 

I'm cheating 

When I'm talking to a friend 


Hot tears and cold rain don't mix

Very well. But I sat in the deluge 

of the showers so nobody could tell.


You can't see the tears. 

If there's water on my face 

You can't see the pain behind my eyes 

if our memories are erased .


Watching you watch him 

makes me want to hurl.

But I sit here and keep watching you

imagine what it's like to be his girl.


That guy wants to sit there and say lets play pretend.

But we all know you want to hurt me 

that you act like a friend.


I hope your happy. 

and pray that you don't stray to far.

because I don't know 

how much more I can take 

before I fall apart. 


I can't tell you 

to go or tell him to leave you alone.

It's like him knocking on your door 

and you screaming 

nobody's home. 


I want him gone and

out of the way but 

its not like that for you.

My want don't matter. 


regardless of the time ,place or 

if you are mine. 

It's still going to hurt 

because love is love 

no matter what kind.


Yet every one tells me

you don't know what love is.

Okay so now I can't feel ?

You can't be protective and 

jealous of something adults preach isn't real.


So whats left to do 

sit here and wait to die.

No this needs to be fixed 

I have to try.


Now the knife grins 

my heart pounces. And 

I'm sad to say 

this isn't a dream. 

I don't want to go 

but neither does the hurt. 

All that's left is a silent scream.


The rain falls harder 

precipitation pelts 

in the form of rain.

The pain disappears 

and my color begins to drain.


It washes away 

the tears from the lifeless face 

I call my own. 

Maybe you'll arrive 

piece me together 

and take me to our home. 


A clash of thunder awakens me.

You're here 

in my embrace. 

So there's our love maybe 

it isn't what it seemed.




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