Perfect Fame

Ashley auditions for the Xfactor when 5 special people are in the audiance. Will her dreams come true or will the moment be short lived... read to find out


8. three little words

Ashley's POV:

     I Had Just finished rehearsing and it was now the boys turn. They started out with Kiss You, Harry kept blowing kisses at me and winking. God is that boy cheeky! They continued to sing their songs, when they got to little things i started to cry when it got to Niall's solo. Harry looked at me worriedly but i gave him a reassuring smile, what he didn't know is that im breaking inside and hate everything about myself. I've always been the kid who stayed in at recess and read as i didn't have many friends, and the friends i did have only felt sorry for me. But none of that matters now i have Harry and the boys, and all of my dreams are falling into place.

  As the song finished i felt strong arms wrap around my waist, i turned around to see green orbs staring back at me.


  "Are you sure your alright?" he asked i nodded my head whilst he pulled me into a hug "I love you' i froze as i herd those words come out of his mouth 

  "I-i love you too" I said almost automatically. he kissed my head before he pulled away from our hug. he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dressing rooms where everyone else was. I was in deep thought about what me and harry had just said. I didn't even hear Tommo yell duck next think i knew i had a pillow to the face.


"So its war" I said grabbing the pillow smiling evilly at Lou "May the odds ever be in your favor sassafras."




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