Perfect Fame

Ashley auditions for the Xfactor when 5 special people are in the audiance. Will her dreams come true or will the moment be short lived... read to find out


4. The Phone Call

*Couple hours later

Ashley's POV:

    "Hey Ashley did you ever call your mom" asked Niall

    "CRAP NIALL!!!!!"

    "What did i do??"

    "You made my dreams come true before i got the chance too call her your a bad influence." i tried to sound mad but failed epicly.

   "Well I'm sorry for making you the most luckiest girl in the world."

   "It's k but can you guys take me to my hotel so I can get my phone charger and stuff" at that moment the Zayn came walking in with one of my bags "Why thank you Zayn, i thought you were upstairs sleeping" 

   'Your welcome, I felt really bad about ignoring you so i went to get you some of your stuff"

  "it's okay. I'll be right back guys i'm gonna call my mom."

  "Okay" they all said in unison *RING*RING*

   "Hey sweetie"

   "Hi mom"

   "So how'd the audition go?"

  "Four yeses"

  "OMG ASHLEY I'M SO PROUD OF YOU I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!!" she practically screamed in the phone

  "Mom I think you broke my eardrum"

  "Sorry Hun....I'm soo sorry i couldn't be there for you."

  "its k mom, i wasn't completely alone"

  "What do you mean hunny who could you possibly know four states from home??"

  "Well, in the audience were six people five of witch brought me here, and they cover most of my walls in my room." i said as calmly as i could

  "One Direction was there??"

  "YES mother the five most beautiful voices in the world were there."

  "To bad you didn't get to know what they thought huh?"

  "Actually i did Niall, you know the blonde one, well he kinda ran backstage to find me to tell me how good i was"

  "Awe how sweet bet his ears hurt after that.' my mom laughed 

 "Actually I hugged him and acted like a sophisticated person who wasn't obsessed with him."

 "SO your telling me the people you screamed at a TV over didn't get screamed in the face??"

  "no mom they didn't, in fact they invited me to hang out with them so know I'm at there condo I'm having a really great time."

 "I bet"

 "Hey mom I'm gonna put you on speaker so don't say anything embarrassing."

 "Okay Hun Ill try not to" i walked into the living room and asked the guys if they wanted to say hi they all nodded

 "Okay mom I'm gonna introduce them too you"


 "Okay... Mom this is Harry"

"Hi Harry Ashley is always complaining about how its One direction And not Harry and the boys, She said she wished you'd stop being so beautiful" with that i was blushing

 "She has a point I do get more articles in the mags and more posters its nice to talk to you.."

Terrie" my mom finished

"Mom you said you wouldn't embarrass me"

 "Sorry hunny who next?"

"Okay mom this is Zayn"

 "Hi Zayn Ashley talks about you a lot too but i wouldn't want to embarrass her now would i" my mom said almost sarcastically

 "Hi Terrie you have a very wonderful daughter, she has a very good future ahead of her"

"Awe well thank you Zayn"

"Yes Zayn thank you" i said blushing

"Okay so next is my Nialler"

"Hi Niall Ashley fancys you quiet a lot. so I'm surprised you didn't go deaf when you touched her" Niall burst out laughing

"R-really?!" he stuttered in between laughs


"Yes really Niall i always say there everybody else's scream then there's hers"

"That bad huh? Well thank you for not screaming at me Ashley"

"Anytime Niall"

"Nice speaking to you Terrie"

"You too hun"

"Next is Liam"

"Hi Liam, or should I say Daddy Direction"

"HAHA hi Terrie your daughter is pretty talented, i was talking to her earlier and you would've thought she was my best friend, not some obsessed fan"

"Wow I'm shocked, shes usually very shy."

"Well normally I am mother but Liam is the understanding caring one, unlike the next person I'm gonna introduce you to."

"Not nice" whined Lou 

"Well bye Terrie nice speaking to you. said Liam

"Bye Liam"

"Next is Louis"

"OMG  hi Louis you could be one of my kids I swear I know everything about you and to top it all off you and Ashley can never be serious and you guys are pretty sassy"

"HAHA we figured that one out today pretty fast." laughed Lou

"Yea shes pretty much obsesses with Lewis Tomlinson an all of you guys for that matter"

" Does she now!?!"

 "No I must certainly am not obsessed with Lewis Tomlinson I'm obsessed with Louie Tomlinson." Lou just burst out laughing and so did every one else including me

 "Well bye Terrie"

"Bye Louis" she said really slow to make sure i herd her say it right

"That's five sweetie."

"I know mom but guess who else is here"


"Eleanor Caldar!"

"Hi El Ashley loves you and Danielle shes always saying how you and Lou should get married already."

"AWWW well she is a sweetie nice talking to you Terrie i would love to chat but Liam wants to talk to again."

"alright Hun Bye."

"Okay mom Liam want to talk to you alone about something so i gotta go love you" "Love you to sweetie im coming back down in a couple of days so see you then"

"K mom bye" with that i handed the phone to Liam.

Liams POV:

   I really wanted to talk to Ashley's mom about what Ashley said earlier, so when El was talking to her I asked if I could chat again.

  "Hi Terrie'

 "Hi Liam What did you wanna talk about??"

 "Well i wanted to tell you that I think Ashley could actually come close to winning this, and when we were talking she told me that she always dreamed of being in our band, i was gonna talk to Simon and Paul about it, but i wanted your permission first." i explained

  "Well Liam that's very nice of you and she may never get a chance like this again, do what you gotta do to make my baby's dreams come true."

 "Thank you so much Terrie from all of us, Ashley doesn't know about it yet though so don't tell her till I get a yes or a no"

"Will do Liam Danielle is very lucky to be with a fine gentlemen like your self.

" thanks Ma'am, Bye."

"Bye Bye Hun." with that she hung up.  I cant wait to go talk to Simon and Paul.

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